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El Primer Viaje

Every year thousands of Canary shearwaters enter our shores with the aim of reproducing. It breeds in cliffs, ravines and midlands and when the young have grown up, its parents leave the nest and they must start their first flight to their natural habitat, the sea. For their first trip, They are guided by the moon and the stars and that’s when the artificial illumination of our shores makes them disoriented and fall to earth. They are seabirds and do not have the ability to resume flight from land, so they are exposed to other threats such as trampling or predation.

The participation of our hotel in the Initiative El Primer Viaje has two fundamental objectives, on the one hand, to undertake measures in our facilities to protect birds, reducing outdoor lighting and activating protocols that, in the event of a fall, make it possible to recover them safely and in the shortest possible time, and, on the other hand, to launch information and awareness campaigns for our employees and customers about the problems of this species.

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