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You might think that going on holiday is too self-indulgent, a luxury you can – and should – do without, but you’re wrong! Completely wrong, in fact, Holidays are essential to your overall well-being. It doesn’t have to be three weeks all-inclusive in the Caribbean, a long weekend somewhere quiet can do the job just as well.

Here are 10 reasons you should take a holiday. Read them, and get booking!

You can finally relax and catch up on much-needed sleep. No alarm clocks, hurrah!

Holidays provide the perfect opportunity to catch up on sleep, which is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. Sleep deprivation over time, through working too much or stress, can lead to poor mental performance, premature ageing and even illness – our immune system is strengthened while we’re sleeping.

Sunlight can boost your levels of Vitamin D, which strengthens the immune system and aids absorption of calcium from our diet.

Just make sure you’re covered in sun cream, though, skin cancer rates have never been higher.

If you’re going somewhere with a warm climate,

you’re much more than likely to eat more fresh fruit, salad and vegetables, which are essential for keeping healthy.

Most people take daily exercise on holiday,

even if it’s just a pleasant after-dinner stroll. Whether it’s swimming in the pool or a walk by the sea, it doesn’t even feel like exercise most of the time, but you’re probably much more active than you are at home.

Salty sea water is great for the skin,

and leaves you feeling completely revitalised.

Many happy memories are often made on holiday.

This is great for combatting depression and having a much brighter outlook on life in general. It also gives you photos and moments to look back on and treasure.

You laugh more.

And laughing is very good for you – it releases endorphins, the body’s “happy” chemicals. This can strengthen your immunity and help to reduce the risk of disease.

You’ll be more productive at work.

No joke, you really will. Research has found that when employees work long hours and don’t take holidays, they are less creative and the quality of their work suffers.

Some quality time with those you love.

Most of us admit to not spending as much time with our friends, family and, especially, children, as we’d like to. Disconnect from work and your demanding daily routine and really enjoy being present in the moment, with the people that mean the most to you. You will all benefit from it.

New experiences.

How much of our lives do we spend doing the same thing repeatedly, eating the same foods, going to the same shops, watching the same programmes…The world is a big place, full of opportunities for new experiences. Live!

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