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The 11 best places to spend New Year’s Eve


New Year’s Eve is a special night all across the globe. It gives us the chance to remember the good things that have happened to us during the year, hope that the bad ones don’t repeat themselves and, most importantly, it gives us the chance to ask for a new year filled with love and health (and a bit of money too, why not?). Looking for somewhere different to welcome 2017? Here are some of the best destinations to spend a magical New Year’s Eve are?


If you’re looking to enjoy a completely different New Year’s Eve without having to travel too far, Edinburgh is a great option. In the vibrant Scottish capital, this special night is called Hogmanay and among the many celebrations you’ll find a number of parades (don’t miss the torch parade on the 30th), a street party that brings together over 80,000 people and a spectacular firework display.


For the most romantic way to celebrate New Year’s Eve, can you think of a better place to spend it than in Venice? The place to be as the clock strikes 00:00 is the Piazza San Marco, where you’ll be able to take part in the countdown, watch the amazing fireworks and give your loved one the traditional midnight kiss. If you want to take in the magic of the city somewhere a little bit less crowded, go to Punta della Dogana, a highly recommended spot where you can enjoy a panoramic view from the other side of the water. Another option is the traditional New Year’s Eve’s Concert in the beautiful Fenice Theatre.


Visiting Tokyo during the New Year (or shogatsu as they call it) is an excellent opportunity to experience firsthand some of the country’s best-known traditions. Even though it’s a holiday that’s more commonly celebrated at home with family, on the night of the 31st it’s normal to see large gatherings of people welcoming in the New Year after the countdown. A very typical activity that you can join the locals to take part in is the first visit of the year to a temple, known as Hatsumode. 

Cape Town

Visiting Cape Town at any time of the year is, without doubt, an unforgettable experience. But to spend New Year’s Eve there will make the trip even more special.  Not only can you welcome in the New Year in numerous bars and clubs, there are also fantastic street parties held in Camp Bay. If you need an excuse to stay a bit longer, bear in mind that there are more celebrations on the 2nd of January in what’s known as Tweede Nuwe Jaar (Second New Year). On this day you can do as the locals do by saving yourself a space on the street with a chairs or even a tent to get the best view of the Great Parade, which fills the city with colour and cheer. The most significant part of this festival is its history; it was the day that slaves were finally allowed to rest and enjoy the arrival of the New Year with their families.


If you want to be among the first in the world to welcome in the New Year, what better place to do it than in Sydney! The impressive fireworks display with the illuminated Opera House and the beautiful bay in the background will be a scene you’ll never forget. To be able to get a good view you’ll have to go pretty early, because even though it’s a very cool plan, it’s not the most original – tens of thousands of others will have the same idea. If you prefer something a little more exclusive, why not enjoy the fireworks display from inside the Opera House?

Río de Janeiro

Spending New Year’s Eve among friends on Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? And honestly, it really is! From early evening you can start dancing to the best samba music and join in with the traditional New Year’s Eve festivities, or, as they know it, Reveillon. Among the most common local traditions, dressing in white, throwing flowers to the sea and even entering the water and jumping over the waves to worship the goddess of the sea are by far the most popular. The second most important festival after Carnival brings together thousands of people wanting to spend an unforgettable night while watching one of the world’s most amazing firework displays.

Las Vegas

A great place to discover if luck will be on your side next year is Las Vegas. In addition to visiting the numerous casinos, on the night of the 31st you can enjoy the famous Strip in a totally unique way, without cars and full of live bands, fireworks and a laser show. If that isn’t enough, you can also attend the many different concerts and parties that take place throughout the city. Without doubt, one of the greatest destinations to spend the most entertaining night out ever!


Fancy watching one of the most spectacular parades in the world as you welcome the coming year? Think no more about it: the perfect destination for you is the Bahamas!  The first day of the year is almost more exciting than December 31st, as it’s when all the locals gather on the stunning beaches to enjoy a day filled with music and lively street shows.


There’s no better place than Vienna to spend a night of pure elegance. Enjoy a fairytale night at the Hofburg Palace, where an impressive reception with red carpet will mark the start of the event. If you prefer something more informal you’ll thoroughly enjoy strolling the streets of the city centre and seeing how the beautiful Christmas markets turn into fairs, making way for the arrival of the New Year with a glass of Glühwein (mulled wine) and a fabulous firework display. On January 1st, a large group of people gather at the Rathaus (Town Hall) to watch the Vienna Philharmonic’s wonderful New Year’s Concert live on a giant screen


The countdown, fireworks and even fancy dress costumes are typical elements that you can find in lots of places, but if what you want is to welcome the year surrounded by bonfires, Reykjavik is the place for you. Its magnificent nature with dreamlike landscapes, combined with its extraordinary culture and nightlife and the magical northern lights, all make Iceland a wonderful destination at any time of the year. If you add to that fireworks and traditional bonfires, all with the incredibly festive atmosphere of New Year’s Eve, you’re sure to have a truly amazing experience!

New York

In a list of places to spend a movie-like New Year’s Eve, New York is a must. The world’s most famous ball drop takes place in the emblematic Times Square, gathering together thousands of tourists and locals each year to see out the year and welcome in the new one with music and lots of entertainment.

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