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The 5 best dishes of Canarian food


Traveling to an island paradise in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean can be a greater experience than enjoying the good weather of Tenerife all year round. One of the pleasures you are about to discover is the gastronomic variety of typical Canarian cuisine.

Canarian food is characterized by using the flavors of the land in all its dishes. The flavours of typical Canarian food are formed by tasty ingredients such as our cheeses, wines, fish, autochthonous products such as gofio and our mojos that have already become a seal of identity, making the Canarian food is an added attraction to your holiday in Tenerife South.

Papas arrugadas (wrinkled potatoes) with mojo sauce

It is perhaps the best known dish of Canarian food. It is a typical Canarian way of cooking potatoes. To do this, the potatoes are cooked with water and coarse salt until their skin wrinkles. Wrinkled potatoes are eaten with skin and accompanied by green mojo, made with coriander, or red mojo, made with pepper and paprika.

Roasted cheese

As you know, the cheeses of the Canary Islands are known to be an exquisite variety. Many prizes are awarded both nationally and internationally. Canarian cheese assortments are perfect to serve during appetizers, but a typical Canarian way of cooking is to roast the cheese and serve it with mojo. Undoubtedly, a delicacy of Canarian food that you must know.

Escaldón de gofio

Gofio is a native product of the Canary Islands, it is a flour made from roasted cereals. Although gofio is a primary element in the typical Canarian cuisine, it is used to create many and varied dishes, among them, we encourage you to try the escaldón. Ideal for cold days although in Tenerife South there are not many. It is a dish made with gofio, broth, meat or fish, vegetables and cheese. Its taste is very intense but it is well worth trying the most famous dish of Canarian food among the locals.

Ropa vieja

Ropa vieja (old clothes) in the typical Canarian cuisine is a delicious dish that combines shredded meat, chicken, broth, chickpeas, potatoes and peppers. It is one of the best-known dishes of Canarian food, although you can also find it in other parts of Spain with some variations in its preparation.

canarian food


Finally, as you may have imagined, living on an island like Tenerife makes some dishes from the sea stand out among the typical Canarian food. In this case, we present you a delicious fish from our coasts that will captivate your palate and it’s a classic in Tenerife South Restaurants. In addition, at BB. Restaurant, you will be able to taste the cherne prepared with baby vegetables that enhance its flavour. You can taste this succulent dish accompanied by some of the best wines of Canarian gastronomy, our team will be happy to help you with your choice.

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