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The 6 hottest destinations for 2017


It goes without saying that we think the best travel plan for 2017 is to choose Costa Adeje as your destination. And to stay right here with us at Baobab Suites, naturally.

But, we know that the large majority of you reading this suffer from that incurable condition known commonly as wanderlust. We have it too, thankfully. So although you’ll almost certainly have Tenerife as an option for your travels, you may be wondering where else looks good to visit this year. Here is our pick of some well-known and less common alternatives that make up our choice for the hottest destinations for 2017.


This year will be more about daring to wander off the beaten track and discover less commercial destinations, and they don’t come much less commercial than the country of Georgia. It’s only recently that Georgia’s name has really began to appear on travel lists, yet there are many reasons that make it such a good choice for an unforgettable trip. Number one is its fabulous gastronomy – the local cheese bread, called khacapuri may have a million calories but they’re worth every one. And then there’s the wine scene, which comes as a surprise to many, especially when they learn that Georgia is actually one of the oldest wine regions in the world: In 2003, archaeologists found evidence to suggest that wine was being made here all the way back in the Stone Age, some 8,000 years ago. Highlights of the country include the hip, vibrant capital of Tbilisi and Ushguli, a community of four tiny villages in the Caucasus Mountains, known collectively as the Upper Svaneti. As well as being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it’s also one of the highest habited areas in Europe. Ah, and if you want to tick “visit the Joseph Stalin Museum,” off your to-do list, (if it was ever there) you can.

Aarhaus, Dinamarca

2017 is definitely Aarhaus’s year. Admit it, if we hadn’t added “Denmark” you probably wouldn’t have known where it was, would you? Until very recently, neither did we. But it’s definitely on our travel wish-list now, and we’re not the only ones it seems. While it’s never been classed as a cool destination like its bigger sister Copenhagen, the future’s looking very bright for Aarhaus. Crowned the European Capital of Culture and Region of Gastronomy for 2017 (the first time ever, incidentally, that one city has held both titles), there has never been a better time to visit Denmark’s second-largest city. Highlights include a superb selection of restaurants, museums, and art galleries as well as some of Denmark’s best beaches.
Go now before it becomes too cool (read: even more expensive).

We kid you not; the discreet, elegant capital of Uruguay has more than earned itself a place on our list. In fact, we can’t believe it’s not on more lists. Montevideo is actually home to around half of Uruguay’s population, but you’d never realise it – the laid-back pace and friendly locals mean this is a world away from some of the more stressful capitals in Latin America. Beautiful colonial architecture combines with the very latest in design, all blended nicely with around 25 kilometres of spectacular beachfront promenade. It’s an especially good destination for two main types of traveller: dedicated followers of fashion and foodies who take their passion for good gastronomy seriously. Exciting new creations in the worlds of clothing and cuisine are emerging all the time in this undervalued capital. Don’t miss the charming old town, Ciudad Vieja, and fashionistas should head for the Rotunda Estudio, a chic boutique, workshop and design studio set over three floors, where you can find capsule collections for sale created by local emerging designers.

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

As destinations go, few are less conventional than Mongolia. Heaven on earth for nature lovers, Mongolia is actually much easier to get to that many people realise, and it’s about to get even easier with the brand-new Ulaanbaatar International Airport scheduled for completion soon.

Mongolia’s vast territory and tiny population: it’s three times larger than France and yet has a population of just under three million people, so you can imagine the sense of liberty and the connection with nature it offers visitors. You’ll be greeted by rolling hills, lakes, rivers, flocks of sheep and goats, lush pine forests and the incredible Gobi Desert, plus the incomparable warmth of its nomadic-spirited natives. The captivating capital, Ulaanbaatar, is where half the population lives, and boasts some great hotels. If you can, visit in July, that way you can witness the fabulous Naadam Festival, held every year, which sees monks, musicians and athletes get together in glorious parades.


This dreamy island paradise is back on the map, and it means business. The financial crisis hit Bermuda quite hard, but those days are gone now. Since winning the bid in 2014 to host this year’s 35th America’s Cup, Bermuda has gone from strength to strength and is attracting a whole new generation of travellers as a result. The celebration of the high-profile international sailing race, which takes place this June, opened up the gates to masses of new development, not to mention a $100m revamp of the prestigious Hamilton Princess & Beach Club. With heavenly beaches, immaculate golf courses and places such as the city of Hamilton and the gorgeous St George, a World Heritage Site, Bermuda is well worth considering this year.


Last but not least, we have Canada. And we’re not even going to specify a city, just go to somewhere, anywhere in Canada and you’ll be happy. City breaks in Toronto, or Montreal, mountain escapes to the Canadian Rockies or to see the magnificent Lake Louise, a longer-haul holiday to the fabulous destination of Vancouver; you honestly can’t go wrong. And 2017 is especially good timing as it marks the country’s 150th birthday; not only will you notice an even greater buzz among its people, to celebrate the occasion entry is free to all of the 38 national parks for the entire year. If you have to pick one, Banff in Alberta is our tip: turquoise lakes, dramatic peaks and the incredible Saskatchewan Glacier make this an unforgettable place to visit.

Others to watch out for:

  • Oman
  • Tamuda Bay, Marruecos
  • Helsinki
  • Escocia
  • Nueva Zelanda
  • Filadelfia
  •  Zambia

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