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The 7 best sunsets in Tenerife


One of the most amazing gifts offered to us by nature every day is, without doubt, her captivating sunsets. The fact that the sun rises each morning and sets in the evening is the same in the Canaries as anywhere else in the world – nothing special there. There is however, something very, very special indeed about witnessing the sun go down in a destination like Tenerife. No two sunsets are ever the same, and there’s a long list of magical places you can head to if you want to witness one of nature’s most unforgettable displays. Here’s our selection of the top 7 places to enjoy sunset in Tenerife:

Palm Mar

Head to Palm Mar in Arona, more specifically the beach bar located right on the water’s edge, and you’re in for a treat. Its privileged location means that as well as a gorgeous sunset, you can also see some of the other Canary Islands – up to four on the clearest days: La Gomera, La Palma, El Hierro and even Gran Canaria. Throw in a cocktail and a chill out bed and you’ve got an experience worth remembering!

Mirador de Chipeque

Hidden on the road to La Esperanza lies one of the island’s most spectacular lookout points. From there you can witness one of Tenerife’s finest sunsets, with Teide as a stunning backdrop, bathed in the famous mar de nubes (Sea of Clouds).

La Caleta

What better way to finish off a hectic day than with a delicious cocktail in one of the most authentic beach bars in south Tenerife? Watch closely as the sun goes down over the horizon and you’ll realise that happiness can be found in simple moments like these.

Few beaches in Tenerife are as breath-taking as Benijo, so you can imagine the kind of sunset that awaits you there. Watching as the sun disappears behind the emblematic Roques de Anaga (Rocks of Anaga) is an experience that will stay with you forever.

Playa de Las Américas

Remove yourself from all the hustle and bustle with a mojito at one of Las Américas’ original beach bars. There’s no better way to end the day than watching the explosion of pastel shades emerge across the sky while you wonder what tomorrow will bring…

Punta de Teno

Among the volcanic rocks and various cacti, beside a charming little lighthouse, contemplate the most incredible contrasts of colour between the deep blue ocean and the warm pinks, oranges and lilacs of the sky offered to us at Tenerife’s westernmost point.

Mount Teide

To enjoy a stunning sunset at 3,555 metres, you know where to head for, don’t you? Exactly! From up Mount Teide you can bear witness to one of the most spectacular sunsets in the world – it’s an experience that will take your breath away in more ways than one.

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