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A trip to Tenerife at Easter


If you are thinking of a trip to Tenerife at Easter, this island can be an excellent option. Our environment has a large number of religious options and leisure festivals.

We can’t wait to enjoy a good holiday to whet our appetite for the summer. This break with a trip to Tenerife at Easter can be the perfect time to relax for a few days and enjoy the different attractions that the island has to offer.

Today we are not going to focus on the many qualities that the island has to offer all year round, but rather we are going to suggest typical Easter options that can only be discovered if you visit the archipelago at this particular time of year. Religiosity and traditions are especially important, but not forgetting the many music festivals that take place.

Tenerife Easter

Tenerife and religious activities

Tenerife is a place of great religious, artistic and cultural tradition. Holy Week is an indispensable factor in this Catholic environment in which we find ourselves. There are many municipalities on the island with large processions, masses and performances. We will try to describe some of them so that you can visit them in situ.

The first inhabited towns on the island were also the first to celebrate these events. For this reason, San Cristóbal de La Laguna, the former capital of the island, has the most extensive and best-known religious programme of all. For more than 500 years, processions have been held in the streets of La Laguna, with the so-called “del silencio” (of silence) taking on special importance. This rite is celebrated during the night of Good Friday, in complete silence, as its name suggests, and with the lights of the city completely extinguished.

Puerto de la Cruz, Garachico, Adeje or La Orotava have outstanding celebrations from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. A whole week in which to experience the culture and art of our island and to share a beautiful life experience. Religiosity, as in all aspects of life, is lived in one’s own way.

Tenerife at Easter

Music and more music for fun

Tenerife is a place of reference for all festival-goers at this time of year. Electronic music takes over our streets and venues to welcome world-class artists in this type of music. As we mentioned with religious festivals, you don’t have to be a fan of this type of event to enjoy them to the full. All experiences have to be lived, that’s the way of understanding the world that we have at Baobab Suites.

Three festivals are the ones that are taking the spotlight this year. I Love Music, Greenworld Festival and La Misa host artists such as Wade, Francisco Allendes, Latmun, Luciano, Raresh, Ben Sterling, Marco Carola, Joseph Capriati, Pawsa and many more. Are you ready to give it your all and dance the night away? All you have to do is buy your ticket and enjoy.

Besides, the discotheques of the island are full of atmosphere and local people so you can get in touch with the true essence of the Canarian people.

What if I don’t want to leave the hotel?

Well, you have chosen an option as valid as the others, and for that we recommend you to visit Baobab Suites and choose one of our marvellous fully equipped rooms. You will be able to enjoy a private swimming pool, private jacuzzi, unique gastronomic options, sports club, wellness services and health and beauty treatments, external sports experiences and much more. Not a second of boredom at our side.

Your trip to Tenerife at Easter is created the way you want it to be, it is built to your liking. We give you the options and all that remains is for you to enjoy them.


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