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A walk through an art gallery in Tenerife


Colour, modernity, beauty and design. Visiting an art gallery in Tenerife during your holidays will make you enjoy unique moments.

Art and creativity are elements that we all look for in the little things. A good film, a song, a painting, a dance, a sculpture or any contemporary art movement. There is art in small doses everywhere in our daily lives. Today we are going to visit the essence of art, places destined to encapsulate the perfection and creativity of people who have a lot to communicate. Join us on this visit to an art gallery in Tenerife and open your eyes to colour and the magic of visual power.

Luxury tourism is often closely related to shopping in the world of art. During a visit to our island we can take the opportunity to meet local or international artists and soak up our culture through the artistic expression of painters and sculptors. In addition, we will be able to invest and transfer Canarian culture to other autonomous communities or countries. It is time to open our minds and open our artistic frontiers to look for that unforgettable souvenir to take home with us.

Art gallery in Tenerife

In Tenerife we can find several art galleries to visit during our stay. Located all over the island, they offer different options for visitors. We are going to mention some of them so that you can get to know them first hand.

The ATC Gallery is a contemporary art and architecture gallery in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It presents works in different formats, including video and sound art. Its annual programme consists of several solo and group exhibitions of international and national contemporary artists. In addition, the Agencia de Tránsitos Culturales is an independent, non-profit cultural association.

Artizar was founded in 1989 as one of the pioneering galleries in the municipality of La Laguna, one of the most important cultural centres in Tenerife and a university city. They have an exhibition programme of around seven exhibitions a year and more than twenty artists represented. After starting by promoting local artists, they have managed to create a multicultural mix where artists from different backgrounds are represented.

Bibli is dedicated to promoting, disseminating and marketing contemporary art and new trends. They usually have about 4 exhibitions a year, in addition to occasional events. Visual arts and design are the two factors that they try to unite in their business idea. They are located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and have been operating since 2012.

Galería Leyendecker was founded in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in 1979 by Ángel Luis de la Cruz and Lele H. Colomer. The line of programming seeks to showcase relevant international artists in contemporary art. This space promotes several renowned artists and seeks to attract diverse audiences to get to know the art it hosts.


Art at Baobab Suites

The commitment to art at Baobab Suites is evident. In our facilities there is a permanent exhibition space for local and international artists to show their work. Throughout the year we welcome works by different painters and sculptors to be seen by our distinguished guests. A unique viewing opportunity in the entrance area of our establishment.

We also collaborate with several Canarian artists, such as Ángel Cabrera. His colourful designs and his love for the islands are represented in the watercolours he paints, the ceramics he makes or the fabrics he decorates. A true multidisciplinary artist.

Our magnificent facilities are always open for art lovers and for those innovative artists who want to continue to grow within the local, national and international scene.

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