In the sixth part of our behind-the-scenes series, in which we let you in on some of Baobab Suites hidden corners as well as meeting some members of our fabulous team, Alain from our friendly reception team talks life, work and being paid to talk!





A little bit about me:

I was born in Havana, Cuba, and moved to Miami when I was 10 years old. I lived there until 2010, when I came to Tenerife. Most of my wife’s family are here (she is also Cuban).We came first to visit, but I liked the people, the climate, and the way of life here, so we decided to move to Tenerife permanently.

My job is:

All about making sure the guests have everything they need during their holiday, and that they go home wanting to return to stay with us again.

Reception is by far my favourite place in the hotel, it’s the first place guests discover when they arrive and it’s where we get to know the clients and a little bit more about them. I love a good conversation, and working at reception and being able to chat to guests as part of my job is very satisfying.

The Baobab team:

Is fantastic! Everyone says it, but it’s true: the team spirit is amazing, and I’m very lucky to work with such a nice group of people.

When I’m not working:

I love to spend time with my little boy, name the same as me Alain, or hanging out with friends.

Whenever I can:

I travel. I love living here but when I get a week or a few days off I try to leave Tenerife as often as possible, to discover new places and people.

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