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In the fourth part of our behind-the-scenes series, in which we let you in on some of Baobab Suites hidden corners as well as meeting some members of our fabulous team, we get up-close and personal with Fernando, our purchase manager. Quiet and hard-working, Fernando has a permanent smile on his face – but you probably would, too, if you had access to all the hotel’s credit cards…




A little bit about me:

I was born in Valladolid on the Spanish mainland, but have lived here in Tenerife with my family for over 12 years now and I’m still amazed by the variety of landscapes and different climate conditions in one relatively small place. You can go from the beach to the mountains in under two hours, and a little further on you find yourself in the mist of the laurel forest. But what really makes Tenerife unique is the Teide National Park, there’s nowhere like it. Depending on what time of year you go up you’re faced with a completely different image. It never fails to move me.

My job is

Much more dynamic than people think. New challenges pop up every day, I never have chance to get bored! I’ve also got some great colleagues which makes my job even more enjoyable. We buy everything you can imagine from our department, from a box of screws, replacement light bulbs to food and drink, clothes, crockery. Just this week I bought a basket of baby care items!

My favourite place in the hotel is

BB restaurant, with its amazing panoramas.

My greatest passion

(apart from my family) is: travelling. I’ve been halfway around the world and couldn’t really say which trip I enjoyed the most, they’re all so very different. Perhaps it was the time we travelled all through Europe, with just a backpack and a huge spirit of adventure (that compensated an equally huge lack of money). We reached some incredible places like the North Pole and the former Czechoslovakia, and met some wonderful people along the way.

To disconnect completely

I love walking among nature, listening to the sounds, observing the plants, the wildlife…It helps you forget everything and recharge your batteries with positive energy.

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