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In our behind-the-scenes series, in which we let you in on some of Baobab Suites’ hidden corners as well as meeting some members of our fabulous team, we get up-close and personal with our resident fitness guru, Nico. Serene, friendly and very, very tall, Nico brings a whole new meaning to personal training with his holistic, functional approach.


A little bit about me

I’ve been passionate about sport ever since I discovered swimming as a young child. I know what a difference it’s made in my life and decided quite early on that I wanted to help other people discover what a positive impact it can have. I actually came to Tenerife for a week’s holiday – 15 years ago! I got offered a job as a beach lifeguard in my first week and stayed ever since. I love the fact you can be outside and active all year and the surfing is excellent!.

What I love most about my job

Pretty much everything. I love how I’m not stuck within the same four walls day in, day out – I can be outside, at the beach or in the pool, and I get to meet a huge variety of people from all around the world, of very different ages with different goals. I’m never bored!
But the best part is seeing how happy people are with the results, seeing how much better they feel and knowing that they have made some important lifestyle changes that they’ll keep forever. My training isn’t about giving people bulging muscles in six weeks. It’s about encouraging them to adopt a healthier lifestyle, working with their needs, goals and capabilities, so that everyone can become the healthiest, happiest version of themselves possible.

When I’m not working, you’ll find me: Playing with my children, probably at the beach, in the pool or running around with them.

My biggest temptation is

Ice cream. I watch my diet very closely, I hardly ever drink alcohol and never crave chips or burgers or anything like that. But I have a terrible sweet tooth – cakes, chocolate – and especially ice cream. The ice cream in Argentina is amazing. Proper Italian gelato. There’s one place that does the best caramel flavour, with pieces of meringue and chocolate chunks. It’s incredible!

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