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In our behind-the-scenes series, in which we let you in on some of Baobab Suites’ hidden corners as well as meeting members of our fabulous team, we get up-close and personal with Sonia, our cheerful duty manager.




A little bit about me:

I was born in Aviles and I’m very adventurous, a real go-getter. A good example of that fact is the time I spent living in London. After finishing my studies in my home town I decided to move to the British capital to learn English, and spent two years there combining work with language classes.

A typical day at work:

As the person responsible for breakfast in the buffet area, when I arrive I first make sure that all the tables are set and that the food is correctly marked, that the music is at a suitable volume and that the overall atmosphere is as pleasant as the service. Once breakfast is over I take charge of the lunch service in BB. Restaurant, making sure that the service is flawless. When I finish my shift, I like to hand everything over to my colleague properly organised, to make their job as easy as possible and so that they can start their shift as pleasantly as I do.

What I like most about my job:

How modern the hotel is and the daily challenge of making sure the hotel guests enjoy their holiday. Being part of their satisfaction is very rewarding.

When I’m not at work:

You’ll probably find me doing yoga or at French lessons. I also enjoy spending time with my friends, practicing outdoor sports and travelling.

My favourite spot in the hotel:

The views from BB Restaurant.

My favourite place in Tenerife:

La Caleta.

Desire for personal growth:

I started working in Baobab Suites two years ago as an assistant waitress. Thanks to my cheerful attitude and hard-working nature, I was promoted internally until I reached my current position of duty manager. Now I’m blessed with the privilege of leading the excellent team of waiters I work with.

A funny anecdote:

Once, when I was taking a room service order, the hotel guest told me his name was Elvis Presley. I obviously thought he was joking so I decided to play along and said that I was called Marilyn Monroe. You can imagine my surprise when I later found out that that was his actual name!

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