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Active tourism: a different way to travel to Tenerife


There are many different ways to visit an island with as many secrets as Tenerife. If you are curious, adventurous and like to squeeze every drop of the essence of the places you visit, we invite you to enter this exciting post where we will tell you some of the places you can not miss and activities to enjoy our island by land, sea and air.

Active tourism is a way of traveling where the main reason for your vacation is to perform tourist activities in natural environments. If you are a lover of sports tourism or want to spend an adventure holiday, without a doubt, Tenerife is the perfect choice! Let yourself be carried away by the indisputable attractions of mountain tourism, enjoy the immensity of the views that only Teide offers sailing through the sea of clouds, caves and cliffs of heart attack to which you can only reach by sea, a natural park that is the heritage of humanity, feel between your fingers the history of the volcanic formation of the Canary Islands … Simply discover Tenerife practicing active tourism!

Mountain tourism in Tenerife


The volcanic origin of the Canary Islands means that Tenerife has a unique and different form that will connect you immediately with mountain tourism. We propose you to enter in a vacation of adventure whose obstacles will come given by the natural environment.

Canyoning: This sport of active tourism is usually carried out on foot, although it is frequent to find certain zones in which you will require climbing material, material to cross areas of water and resistance to walking long distances. Descend one of the many ravines of Tenerife following its course, spectacular jumps in water pits, rappel walls of natural stone, follow the various paths through the heart of the island … Always looking to connect with nature!

Bicycle: If you are a cycling lover and are used to enjoying a bicycle route, we are sure you will want to know the impressive descents that Tenerife offers. From the highest peak in Spain begins an intrepid descent to the height of the sea with the greenery of the island as witness. For lovers of sports tourism and especially cycling, a form of active tourism that you can not miss.

Climbing: For once, we invite you not to have your feet on the ground! Gain height climbing walls of volcanic rock feeling as your hands come into contact with living nature. Test your physical qualities and endurance practicing mountain tourism in one of its most classic modalities.

Coasteering: for this activity, your mountain tourism skills are mixed with the aquatic environment. Enjoy the sensation of walking along the edge of a volcanic cliff until the earth ends and culminates the experience with a jump into the sea. Discover aquatic caves, let your adrenaline rush and enter an adventure holiday in an active tourism sport, where Tenerife has unique qualities to practice it.

Sport tourism in Tenerife at sea


As we have suggested on more than one occasion, Tenerife is an island as beautiful on the surface as it is under the sea. We would like you to let yourself be conquered by the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean to practice sports tourism in Tenerife in the aquatic environment, these are some of the activities that we believe will captivate you!

Diving: Dive into our coastline and enjoy unsurpassed beauty. The flora and fauna of our archipelago is presented in a unique way, you can not miss the opportunity to know it. In addition, for those who are starting in active tourism, it is presented as a great activity with which to start a first contact.

SUP: The Stand Up Paddle is a different way of sailing along the coast of Tenerife. It is a water sport that is gaining more and more fans. Row on the board and begin to enjoy this activity that is ideal to do with family or friends. Visit site

WindSurf: The meteorological conditions that occur in some of the localities of Tenerife Sur attracts many Windsurf lovers. For lovers of sports tourism who do not usually live near the sea to practice this type of sport, this is a unique opportunity to turn the strength of the sea and wind into an adventure.

Adventure holidays in Tenerife by air


We could not talk about active tourism in the Canary Islands without mentioning the possibility of rising above Tenerife and observing its beauty from another perspective. For these holidays, dare to live an indescribable experience among the clouds!

Paragliding: Fly over Tenerife in a route that will take you to admire the orography of our island, its greenest areas, its beaches, the immensity of the sea and, even if the conditions allow it, you will see bordering in the horizon some of the other Canary Islands that make up the Canary Islands.

Let your more adventurous side come to the surface and experience new ways of travelling practicing active tourism in Tenerife, which combines adrenaline with new emotions, while getting to know Tenerife in a different way.  Also, if we have managed to arouse your curiosity and you are determined to get to know the wild side of our island, count on our team to make it happen! Our Experience Centre is at your entire disposal to make a holiday to suit you and, much more!

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