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Discover Aloe Vera properties


Aloe vera is a very popular plant both in the manufacture of creams and in the creation of remedies to care for health. There are many properties of aloe vera and hence it is present in many cosmetic and beauty products, in addition to some medicines.

Would you like to discover all you can do with aloe vera? If the answer is yes, read on! From Baobab Suites we are going to give you all the details you need to know about the properties of aloe vera. Also, if you like to take care of yourself, you love to try body and beauty treatments, do not hesitate to contact Baobab Wellness, we will show you the properties of aloe vera and many more treatments.


Properties of Aloe Vera

First of all, the properties that aloe vera offers us are numerous. This plant is perfect for taking care of our general health. For example, we can use it for various skin problems, such as scars. In addition, it also has aesthetic advantages such as tooth whitening or removing stains. It is also present in anti-aging or anti-acne creams as it helps the skin to regenerate.

As home remedies easy to get we recommend aloe vera soap, the natural cream against skin blemishes, or pure aloe vera gel, so that your skin looks healthier and brighter every day. This plant is very easy to find in the Canary Islands thanks to the sunny climate of the Archipelago and, therefore, you will be very easy to find these products in Tenerife South.  In addition, if you wish, you can consult our Baobab Wellness team about the application, characteristics or where to get these products.


The properties of aloe vera can also be used by ingestion. It is a healthy food that will help us to take care of and vary our diet. Some people have breakfast every day! Some of the most commonly used recipes are aloe vera salmorejo or aloe vera juice against coughs. Like many vitamins, it is a plant that also has a lot of essential amino acids, which makes it really interesting, especially for athletes or very active people. The perfect complement to a day at Activate Sports Club!

Finally, aloe vera can be used mixed with other ingredients to enhance its properties. Some products are used in cosmetics, while others take advantage of the medicinal properties of aloe vera to soothe ailment. Doubts always arise as to where you can buy the pure gel containing its active ingredients. Depending on the need, we can buy the product directly in pharmacies, herbalists and specialty shops.

There are many varieties of aloe vera, there is no single plant. The most commonly used is Miller aloe barbadensis. Recognizing this plant is simple, it looks like a bush, the touch of its leaves is rough and the edges have some hard filaments, which can be confused with the spikes of the cactus.

We hope to have awakened your desire to know the properties of aloe vera! If you want to know more about this plant or if you want to try its indisputable advantages on your skin, don’t hesitate to contact Baobab Wellness!  From Baobab Suites we will be delighted to organise a tailor-made holiday for you. If you want to book relaxing treatments or try some aesthetic products that make your skin shine, just contact us! We’ll be happy to make it happen. Also, don’t forget to check out our incredible promotions, both children and over 60’s can enjoy irresistible advantages.

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