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The Baobab Mañanitas: delicious, local and sustainable breakfasts inspired by the gastronomy of Tenerife


Seasonal fruit, homemade bread and pastries, as local produce, are the key to the new breakfasts at Baobab Suites.

We all know that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, and when it comes to enjoying an amazing holiday in a place like Tenerife, its relevance becomes even more evident.


There is so much to see on the island and a well-balanced breakfast provides the necessary nutrients to start the day with energy and make the most of everything this beautiful destination has to offer.

As it could not be otherwise, breakfast time is very important at Baobab Suites *****, the hotel located in Costa Adeje, Tenerife South, which has always been characterised by offering its clients a different, profound and exclusive experience.


Thanks to its eagerness to take care of its guests in a special way, breakfast at Baobab has become an experience in itself. The establishment has just renewed its offer of breakfast boxes to be taken in the room and its breakfast buffet to update it and continue to surprise its guests.


The Baobab Mañanitas

“Luxury in 2023 has nothing to do with the ostentatious luxuries of yesteryear, but is related to other types of values,” explains Juan Carlos Clemente, gastronomic consultant at Baobab Suites *****, who was in charge of designing this new gastronomic offer. “It has much more to do with things like authenticity and a commitment to local produce that is exclusive to the area.

The new breakfast boxes, christened “The Baobab Mañanitas“, now contain products that have much more to do with the place where the hotel is located, as Clemente explains. “From now on, all the ingredients in the box will be locally sourced. For example, if we talk about fruit, it will change according to seasonality. Now in summer there will be papaya, bananas and red fruits. In a month or so, all the pipe fruits such as apricots, plums and peaches will arrive, and so it will evolve”.


“As for bread and pastries, everything will be artisanal, sourdough, and made by local producers or even in the hotel’s own kitchens,” says the gastronomic advisor. “In the case of the cheeses, all will be of Canarian origin, with a large presence of goat’s cheese, local cottage cheese, cherry tomatoes grown in the area, avocados, and we have replaced the salmon with smoked wahoo, a typical local fish caught in El Hierro and made in La Gomera with salt from Lanzarote”.

The aim of all this is to make the customer feel that they are eating a piece of the island and to taste food that will probably never be available to them in their place of origin.


But it is not only the edible part that has been taken care of in these new breakfast boxes. Clemente also explains how from now on all the containers in which they will be served will be returnable and washable, so that the emission of waste will be zero. “We have also incorporated the nutritional value of the ingredients you are eating with a complete table where you can see the calories, fats, carbohydrates and all the sources of energy that the breakfast provides. Finally, the customer will also be able to find a QR code with three links that will show them three ideas to set up breakfast and surprise their partner depending on whether they want to set it up in bed, on the terrace or in the dining room of the suite.”


Welcome to the Bite Buffet

But the changes to Baobab Suites’ breakfast offerings have not just been limited to “Las Mañanitas de Baobab”, but have also extended to its br

eakfast buffet, the Bite Buffet, which has recently been reopened and completely renovated.

“The changes there go in the same direction as the breakfast boxes,” Clemente explains. “Many local products have been incorporated or replaced by others handcrafted at the hotel. A good supply of protein, such as bacon or eggs, is maintained, but in addition, from now on we want the employees to interact much more with the guests, creating a greater closeness with them and making them feel much more attentive and comfortable,” he concludes.

In short, Baobab Suites ***** with this update of its gastronomic offer in breakfast takes a step forward in the search for customer satisfaction. All the more reason to head there this summer.

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