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How to have the best Instagram pictures


Instagram has become a social network with some 800 million active users each month. During your holidays in Tenerife, here you will find some useful tips to captivate your friends with your photos for Instagram.

First of all, we have to select the perfect scenario. The sunny island of Tenerife with its paradisiacal beaches, its impressive coastline, its wild nature, and its pleasant climate to show off your best outfits, may be the perfect place to star in a photo shoot for Instagram.


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In addition, at Baobab Suites, we take care of every detail so that your stay is perfect, but we also have excellent facilities so that you can enjoy a dream holiday that will surely revolutionize your Instagram profile.



We love that your photos for Instagram to be as good as these! So let’s share some tips with you on how to edit photos for Instagram, which filters to use for Instagram and which applications for Instagram you shouldn’t miss.


Instagram photo editor

For detail, photography and this social network lovers, we recommend an Adobe package program called Lightroom. This way, you will give brightness to the colors, you will edit the lights to emphasize the scene or to correct the excesses, but without your photos for Instagram turn out to be “not credible”. It’s just a little help that will give a vibrant touch to your gallery. This program has an app version so you can have on your phone and edit photos for Instagram at any time.

Vídeo Adobe Photoshop Lightroom


Applications for Instagram

One of the most used apps nowadays and that, surely you have seen in many profiles of friends, influencers, celebrities, etc. that use it, is Unfold. With this application for Instagram, you can create stories with a different touch, with editable templates that adjust the size of our photos or videos and even allow you to place multiple images in the same story. You can also add text with different fonts to those offered by Instagram.


Filters for Instagram

If you prefer a quickly retouch for your photos for Instagram before uploading them, you might want to use one of the filters in this app that will make your gallery shine even brighter:

  • Clarendon: Very useful to give brightness and intensity to the colors of the images. It will also enlarge your color palette and fill your photo with energy.
  • Valencia: With this filter, you will obtain much more luminous photos and you will see how the image is filled with warmth at the same time that it makes the colors more delicate.
  • Gingham: In this way, you will get a nostalgic air that will transform your colors by removing saturation, an effect that creates a more vintage atmosphere.


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We want to show you our best photos for Instagram and let your holidays start from this moment. Enjoy discovering all the secrets of our hotel through our publications and stories, we’d also like to see how you’re doing during your stay at Baobab Suites, so don’t forget to tag us, use #BaobabSuites or geolocate your photos in our facilities, we promise to share your great vacation with the world!

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