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The best posts of 2016


It’s hard to believe, we know, but 2016 is drawing to a close. So what better way to say goodbye than by taking a look back at our most popular blogs of the year? Thanks to discovering which blogs you’ve enjoyed the most, we feel we’ve got to know our clients much better. This year we’ve learned that you are curious, party-loving and have a very sweet tooth! We won’t keep you intrigued any longer; here are, according to you, our best blogs of 2016:

Tenerife’s 8 Best Beach Clubs

You can tell that Baobab Suites´ clients are of a sophisticated nature. We all enjoy a good party, but when we offered you an insight into the island’s best beach clubs, few could resist finding out where they were. Shall we refresh your memory in time for your next visit?

7 Apps To Get The Most Out Of Your Holidays In Tenerife

Nowadays we rarely leave the house without our trusty ally, the smartphone. With this in mind, we put together a useful post to offer you interesting uses for your phone that go beyond taking photos to make your family and friends jealous.

9 Unmissable Things To Do In Tenerife With Kids

Leaving Baobab Suites with children, especially when you know how much fun they’re having in Saplings, can be difficult. With that in mind, we researched the best activities to do in Tenerife with the youngest members of the family. Fun and laughter are guaranteed!

Sweet Treats: A Delicious Journey Around The Islands

It’s pretty obvious that we’re not the only ones with a sweet tooth! You cannot imagine the amount of people that enjoyed the sugar-laden journey we put together in this blog.

Discover Tenerife In 10 Incredible Experiences

When visiting a destination as varied and diverse as Tenerife, it can be almost impossible choosing what to do. Given the already large effort you need to make to leave the comfort of your poolside sun bed, we wanted to at least make sure you were rewarded with something incredible, which is why we put together our guide to the ten best activities to try in-between sunbathing and trips to the beach.

12 Reasons Why Laughter Really Is The Best Medicine

We know you enjoy a good laugh, as do we. This blog reminded us all that not only is it enjoyable to have a giggle on a regular basis, it’s also very beneficial to our health! No wonder we’ve been hearing so much laughter around the hotel corridors lately…

 7 Islands, 7 Wonders

Discover the wonders offered by all seven of the Canary Islands from the comfort of your sun bed. Sounds irresistible, doesn’t it? In this post we leave you in no doubt as to why the Canaries are also known as the Fortunate Isles. If you’re currently somewhere chilly this winter, re-read this blog to bring lovely warm memories to mind…

A Sensory Journey Through Baobab Suites

As we’ve run through what were by far your favourite posts of the year, we thought it only fair to share our particular favourite with you – our journey through Baobab Suites using all five senses. Take another look and discover the unique way in which our beautiful hotel stimulates the senses.

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