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Best sites for diving in Tenerife


Within the wide range of experiences and activities that you can enjoy in our island, there is no doubt that scuba diving or snorkeling are a fantastic alternative. That is because there are a lot of good reasons for diving in Tenerife: subtropical climate, which ensures a suitable water temperature all the year (between 18 and 24 degrees); clarity of water, which usually allows a visibility up to 30 meters; incredible richness hidden under the Canary Islands waters… They are just some of them.

Volcanic grottos, bends and acerrifes that you can find in our seabed are a paradise for experienced divers… but also for beginners! So, if you are a neophyte in this field, you should not worry: the island has more than 60 areas and dive sites for all levels, including for those who love to snorkel and those who are getting started in diving. You are one of them? Here you will find some sites that we recommend to start diving in Tenerife.

Rasca lighthouse

We start with an essential. In the south of the island, there is the Rasca lighthouse, which faces one of the most impressive underwater volcanic landscapes of Tenerife. In this area, thousands of years ago, the lava ​​formations gave rise to several underwater ravines, in wich divers can find numerous caves, tunnels and arches, besides a huge marine fauna: rays, frog fish… For beginners, it is best to hire one of the many diving centers in Tenerife South, which will be responsible for the transfer by boat, equipment and to guide you throughout the entire experience.

El Bufadero

This is another dive site, near Los Cristianos, which can only be reached by boat, but -undoubtedly- offers one of the most beautiful diving experiences in Tenerife: the possibility of seeing sea turtles. At this point, the seabed has a gentle slope of rocks that goes down to a sandy area, so the experience is suitable for all levels. In addition, along with the turtles, there is a whole spectacle of marine species: rays, eels… even, sometimes, angel sharks.

Tabaiba wreckage

On the northeast coast of Tenerife, in front of the town of Tabaiba, it is one of the most unique dive spots on the island. From the shore, after swimming just 5 minutes, you will find the wreck ‘El Peñón’: an old tugboat that was sunk in 2006 to turn it into an artificial reef. Experienced divers can penetrate inside, while beginners enjoy exploring the outside and the surroundings, where there is a rich marine life riddled with large shoals of barracudas and the cute trumpet fish.

Montaña Amarilla

This is one of the best sites for snorkeling in Tenerife, which also offers a great experience for scuba diving. Montaña Amarilla is an impressive hill formed by yellow volcanic ash (that’s why it’s name) and whose beauty continues beneath the surface of the sea. Both swimming from the shore and by boat, you can explore this area, where you will find an incredible underwater lunar landscape formed by volcanic reefs, arches and caves. Because in this area the landscape changes every 20 meters approximately, it is possible to see a great variety of marine species.

Recommmendations for diving in Tenerife

If you don’t have experience in diving, we advise you to go to one of the many authorized diving centers in Tenerife, which already have the permits, equipment and qualified staff necessary to carry out a safe experience. However, if you decide to go diving on your own, keep these tips in mind:

  • Check the weather conditions. As we mentioned before, thanks to the good weather, any time of the year is good for diving in Canary Islands; however, here as elsewhere, sea conditions can make the experience difficult and risky. So don’t forget to check it before leaving.
  • Equip yourself correctly.
  • Get the appropriate permits. To go diving on your own, you need the proper qualification, license, certificate and medical insurance. In the Canarian Federation of Underwater Activities you will get all the information.
  • Whenever you go to dive, do it with company.
  • Keep in mind your own limitations. The immersion has to be adapted to your experience and diving skills.

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