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Tenerife 2019 Carnival, all you need to know


Tenerife is known for hosting one of the most famous Carnivals in the world. Tenerife Carnival was declared ‘International Tourist Interest’ in the 80’s and also appears in the Guinness Book of Records as ‘the dance with the largest public participation in an open space’, more than 200 thousand people made it possible.

If you are going to be on holiday in Tenerife during the rest of February or during the first 10 days of March, you will be able to enjoy the Tenerife Carnival 2019 and live a unique experience without having planned it. It is very important that, if you decide to join the party, follow some of the advice we bring today for you in this post.

Carnival 2019

The Carnival of Tenerife 2019 is celebrated in the streets of the capital of the island, Santa Cruz. Although its competitions and festivals began in early February, you can still attend some of the most significant events, such as ‘Soritng of the Queen of Carnival’ which will take place on 27 February at the International Centre of Congresses of Santa Cruz. The Queen of Carnival, is undoubtedly the most coveted title during these holidays.

Other moments of Carnival that you may not want to miss during your holidays in Tenerife, are “Carnival Parade” (Friday 1 March), the “Coso” (Tuesday 5 March) or the “Sardine’s Burial” (Wednesday 6 March). In addition, we also recommend that you visit “Carnival by Day” (Sunday 3 March and Saturday 9 March), a holiday designed to be enjoyed with the whole family. Finally, one of the best known elements of Tenerife Carnival 2019, are the festivities during the night (Friday 1 March, Saturday 2 March, Monday 4 March, Friday 8 March and Saturday 9 March), when the crowds take to the streets of the capital and celebrate with their best costumes until dawn.

Preparing your costume

To visit the Tenerife Carnival it is important to have a costume, all attendees wear one and perhaps you feel weird if you decide not to wear one.

First of all, you should know that every year the carnival of Tenerife 2019 has a different theme and, this time, it’s about ‘the deep sea‘. So, if you find an original costume on this subject, such as siren, Zeus, seahorse, fish … It is certainly a good time to carry out this little fantasy. It must be a comfortable costume, as we have said, there are many people who attend the Carnival of Santa Cruz 2019 and the less cumbersome your costume is, the more comfortable it will be to move around the city, dance and enjoy.

Tips for your night at Tenerife Carnival 2019

Secondly, related to the previous advice, we recommend you to set up a meeting place. Perhaps your mobile does not have coverage at certain times of the night, so it is advisable to establish a point where, if you get lost and lose your friends, they can meet there to continue the party.

During Santa Cruz Carnival 2019 the public transport system extends its timetables and services, so it is not necessary to take the car there, even more if you decide to have a drink or two. If you have any questions about these holidays or how to get there, do not hesitate to ask our team, we will be happy to help you with whatever you need to enjoy the Tenerife Carnival 2019.

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