The barraquito, a coffee with Tenerife essence

The canaries are made of a special material. The taste of the barraquito represents our gastronomic culture and has become a landmark of the archipelago. Like every history of tradition, inventiveness and originality are many who claim the invention of the barraquito. This invigorating and full of flavour drink was born in the streets and … Read more

Trips for New Year’s Eve 2019: Discover Tenerife

If you are planning a New Year’s Eve trip and you want to exchange a white Christmas for a sunny holiday in Tenerife, at Baobab Suites we propose two essential appointments for you to celebrate these very special dates with us On December 25, we want to celebrate the magic of Christmas in your company … Read more

The types of travel that best suit you

Tenerife is a tourist destination that offers endless possibilities. You can visit the island as many times as you want and each time represents a unique trip. But what kind of trips exist? At Baobab Suites we are aware that there is no single form of tourism. That’s why one of our maxims is to … Read more

The best Sports Club to do sports in Tenerife

The true lovers of healthy life and sport are those who, even while on holiday, wish to have a place close by where they can practice sport in Tenerife. Doing some physical activity will make you healthier and happier thanks to the benefits of sport. If, in addition, you have the irresistible opportunity to do … Read more

Activate Ocean Experience: Water Sports Tenerife


We have created a new experience in our centre Activate Sports Club so that you can enjoy an incredible experience practising water sports in Tenerife. Every month, thanks to the new Activate in the Sea service, you will have the opportunity to enjoy an aquatic experience organised by Activate Sports Club and Apnea Academy. This … Read more

Discover Aloe Vera properties

Propiedades aloe vera

Aloe vera is a very popular plant both in the manufacture of creams and in the creation of remedies to care for health. There are many properties of aloe vera and hence it is present in many cosmetic and beauty products, in addition to some medicines. Would you like to discover all you can do … Read more

The best tips to travel with kids

Viajar con niños

If you’re travelling with children soon, you might want to know some tips that will make your travels and holidays easier. International travel with children is possible! You just have to follow a few small ideas so that they enjoy themselves as much as you do. Travel with your kids to Tenerife If you are … Read more

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