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Tenerife 2019 Carnival, all you need to know


Tenerife is known for hosting one of the most famous Carnivals in the world. Tenerife Carnival was declared ‘International Tourist Interest’ in the 80’s and also appears in the Guinness Book of Records as ‘the dance with the largest public participation in an open space’, more than 200 thousand people made it possible. If you […]

5 typical dishes with ‘papas arrugadas’ (wrinkled potatoes)

papas-arrugadas-tenerife-baobab-suites-recetas (1)

A particularly well-known recipe in Canarian gastronomy is the ‘papas arrugadas’ (wrinkled potatoes). If you want to know how to make ‘papas arrugadas’, today we tell you the recipe for its preparation as well as some dishes to accompany them. ‘Papas arrugadas’ is a way of preparing potatoes, characteristic of the Canary Islands. Mainly, a […]

How to have the best Instagram pictures


Instagram has become a social network with some 800 million active users each month. During your holidays in Tenerife, here you will find some useful tips to captivate your friends with your photos for Instagram. First of all, we have to select the perfect scenario. The sunny island of Tenerife with its paradisiacal beaches, its […]

BB Restaurant: the best among the restaurants of Tenerife south


With your holiday booked on the sunny Canary Islands, you’ll be wondering where to eat in Tenerife. Well, Baobab Suites offers 4 exquisite restaurants in Tenerife south that will conquer each and every one of your senses. However, today we would like to focus on letting you know all the secrets of BB Restaurant, which […]

Christmas in Baobab Suites, will you join us?


We would like you to know that you are still in time to spend some of the most magical dates of the year with us. We have prepared two very special nights for you. Firstly, an amazing Christmas dinner in Tenerife, on 25 December, so that you can enjoy a romantic family atmosphere and, secondly, […]

The privileged climate of the Canary Islands: 22º all year round


Surely you have heard the Canary Islands referred to as the Fortunate Islands and it is no coincidence that the climate of the Canary Islands is constant and around 22º almost all year round. The weather in the Canary Islands is pleasant thanks to its mild temperatures without large fluctuations throughout the year. Why not […]

A walk along Tenerife’s most impressive footpaths

baobab suites senderos tenerife 1024x723 - A walk along Tenerife's most impressive footpaths

Surely you have already begun to plan your holidays in Tenerife, a bit of beach, a romantic dinner in BB Restaurant, practice sport in Actívate Sports Club… But you might want to add some of Tenerife’s most amazing trails to your plan.  Today we have decided to discover some routes for Tenerife that, if you are a lover of hiking, […]

Best sites for diving in Tenerife

buceo en tenerife - Best sites for diving in Tenerife

Within the wide range of experiences and activities that you can enjoy in our island, there is no doubt that scuba diving or snorkeling are a fantastic alternative. That is because there are a lot of good reasons for diving in Tenerife: subtropical climate, which ensures a suitable water temperature all the year (between 18 and 24 degrees); […]


piscinas naturales de tenerife - NATURAL POOLS OF TENERIFE: A DIFFERENT SWIM

With a desirable weather, an extraordinary variety of hotels and more than 350 km of coastline, there is no doubt that Tenerife is a privileged destination for sun-and-beach tourism. However, the coastline of the Island is riddled with beautiful hideouts, in which the sea seeps in through the volcanic rock formations, giving rise to incredible pools […]