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Best sites for diving in Tenerife

buceo en tenerife
Within the wide range of experiences and activities that you can enjoy in our island, there is no doubt that scuba diving or snorkeling are a fantastic alternative. That is because there are a lot of good reasons for diving in Tenerife: subtropical climate, which ensures a suitable water temperature all the year (between 18 [...]

Natural pools of Tenerife: a different swim

piscinas naturales de tenerife
With a desirable weather, an extraordinary variety of hotels and more than 350 km of coastline, there is no doubt that Tenerife is a privileged destination for sun-and-beach tourism. However, the coastline of the Island is riddled with beautiful hideouts, in which the sea seeps in through the volcanic rock formations, giving rise to incredible [...]


You’ve more than likely heard that in Tenerife we celebrate the second-largest carnival in the world but, do you really know what it is that makes the Santa Cruz Carnival so special? More than just a simple party, carnival is a sentiment, a feeling that manages to bring out the more cheerful, optimistic side of [...]

Teide: Your useful guide

It’s Spain’s highest peak, the third largest volcano on Earth and Europe’s most visited National Park. The name’s Teide, Mount Teide. Licensed to thrill... If you only visit one thing during your time here in Tenerife, it has to be Las Cañadas del Teide National Park. Of the four Spanish National Parks that are located in the [...]

Get the party started! Tenerife’s most popular local festivals.

Throughout the year, there’s a long list of festivals and celebrations that take place around Tenerife (yes, we’re an island of party animals!). It can be easy to feel a little overwhelmed, so to stop you from feeling so lost among all the choices available, we’ve chosen 4 of the best, to give your sun, [...]