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The privileged climate of the Canary Islands: 22º all year round


Surely you have heard the Canary Islands referred to as the Fortunate Islands and it is no coincidence that the climate of the Canary Islands is constant and around 22º almost all year round.

The weather in the Canary Islands is pleasant thanks to its mild temperatures without large fluctuations throughout the year. Why not spend a winter holiday in Baobab Suites? The temperature in the Canary Islands in December is between 19º and 24º, an interval that is repeated throughout the year. Enjoy a holiday in the open air, full of long days with lots of light, as the Canary Islands are one of the regions of Europe with more hours of sun than you will find thanks to its geographical position. In addition, the trade winds are one of those responsible for the pleasant weather in the south of Tenerife.

Although the situation of the Islands is close to Africa, you will have noticed that there are no situations of extreme heat, as if it is caused in countries and territories with the same latitude as ours. One of the factors that softens the temperature in the Canary Islands are the trade winds.

The trade winds


These are constant winds blowing from the poles of the two hemispheres towards the equatorial zones. In the case of the Archipelago, these air masses are collected by the Azores Anticyclone, which also plays a determining factor in the climate of the Canary Islands along with the Atlantic Ocean.

These factors mean that, while in winter, the anticyclone is very close to our Islands, causing greater thermal stability and less presence of the trade winds; in summer, the anticyclone migrates, causing the effect of the trade winds to be greater and temperatures not to soar. Therefore, the climate of the Canary Islands is always pleasant, despite the fact that we are geographically located in a subtropical zone.
One of the most characteristic phenomena produced by the trade winds is what is known as the “sea of clouds”. You can find this amazing effect in the northern slopes of the islands that exceed 1,500 meters in altitude.

What should I carry in my suitcase?


The weather in the Canary Islands in December, as we have described above, means that you should put cool clothes in your suitcase to help you fight the temperatures in their highest peaks, but also some warm clothes, especially for arms and legs, as at night it is normal for temperatures to fall. Under these contrasts, you should not forget the sunscreen because, even on the less clear days, you run the risk of burning your skin by exposing yourself to the sun’s rays.

As it could not be otherwise, we invite you not to leave behind your bathing suit and diving goggles. In the Canary Islands, we have amazing sea beds that you should not miss. The fauna and flora of the Canary Islands are very diverse due to two determining factors: insularity and climate. A fact that can be seen both on the surface and underwater. If you want to discover more, we invite you to spend a pleasant day aboard our Catamaran.

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