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Climbing in Tenerife, an alternative to beach tourism


Our island is a place of multiple contrasts, climbing in Tenerife is an alternative option to the usual tourism of sun and beach.

What does Tenerife offer us in the world of climbing?

Tenerife is an ideal place for climbing due to several factors, the first one we can mention is its fantastic climate. Without excessive temperatures in summer and with a mild weather in winter, all this at a couple of hours flight from the continental Europe. A real luxury for the lovers of this hard sport. Suffering the inclemency of the weather is a common factor in their journeys.

The landscape is another of the differential factors that we can highlight in our region. Being of volcanic origin, it combines in its territory the union between sea and mountains. Under the slopes of the Teide the island is divided between steep ravines and cliffs over the Atlantic Ocean. A visual pleasure for the climber in full effort.

The variety offered in such a small environment. There are many possibilities that Tenerife offers, we can opt for traditional climbing, for boulders of volcanic rock or in psicobloc, a modality that works the climbing in maritime caves. In addition, the large number of ravines in the archipelago increases even more the offer to come and enjoy these challenges in our small paradise. Overhang of more than 30 metres in length, cracks, different types of slabs or traditional climbing are other modalities that can be developed in different points of the island.

Beginners and experts

Climbing is a sport that can be initiated by anyone, there are different degrees of difficulty that will adapt to your characteristics and functionalities. It is important not to close doors and think that the objectives are impossible. At first sight it is a sport of a great physical demand, but we must be aware that we put our limits.

Have you ever heard of difficulty grading when climbing? Normally, the French measurement system is used. This system considers the difficulty of the climb taking into account the difficulty of the movements and the length of the route. The degrees are numbered starting with 1 (very easy) and it is open at the top. Each grade can be subdivided by adding a letter (a, b, c). In addition, a + sign can be added to further clarify the difficulty. For example: 5c+, 6a, 6a+, 6b, 6b+.

On our island you can find places classified with 8c, a real pleasure for expert climbers.


It may be that the climb in the outside world doesn’t quite satisfy you. There are indoor options to make you feel safer and more relaxed when practicing this sport. In that situation, the rockodromes appear.

Although it may not seem true, in Tenerife we also have days with bad weather. If you are a climbing enthusiast and can’t wait, you have the option of going to professionally run climbing walls and satiate your desire for physical activity. On the island of Tenerife we can find different rockodromes prepared for our visitors.


If we still haven’t managed to get you to practice this sport, we offer you multiple complementary sports activities in our Actívate Sport Club. A place where body and mind come together, so that with the help of physical activity you can improve your health and spirit.

Much more than a gym. Paddle tennis, beach volleyball, personalized classes and leisure and catering activities. If climbing is not in your plans, Baobab Suites can help you combine fun, sport and health.

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