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It’s time to discover ideas for a summer photoshoot


It’s never too late to take advantage of the good weather and capture some wonderful snapshots. The passion for photography shows with ideas for a summer photoshoot.

We are tanned, we have taken care of ourselves throughout the year doing sport, we have eaten a balanced and nutritious diet and we want to show the world how beautiful the Canary Islands are in summer. It is the perfect time to gather ideas for a summer photo shoot where we are the protagonists or just supporting actors in our beautiful natural environment.

The value of personal image is increasingly present in today’s society. More and more people are investing their time in sharing quality content, in being present on social networks and in reflecting their love of photography, their travels or the best part of themselves. Without being superficial, more and more people are assessing your social profiles for a job, a friendship or a relationship. The image we show to the world is very important, even if it is only a small part of how wonderful we are on the inside.

ideas for a summer photoshoot

The sun, essential in summer photography

In this article we are going to try to give you some tips to get the best out of your summer photos or to capture the best essence of yourself. It is very important to take these tips so that the photo does not require costly editing afterwards, as many people do not use tools of this type on a regular basis. We don’t want to see internet memes where someone asks for their photo to be edited, or we do.

The sun, friend or foe. Sunlight is perfect to complement our photographs, even more so in summer. This does not mean that it is easy to forget its presence or that it can even spoil an ideal photo. We must take shadows into account when taking a photo, especially if the sun is in a top position. Our advice is that the photographer should be slightly elevated above the model to avoid this type of contrast.

Another basic tip is to avoid the hours of maximum light, when it is much more difficult to find suitable compositions and lights that are not overexposed. We can look for times close to sunrise or sunset. Another option is to place the model in the shade, this will avoid faces with strange grimaces or half-closed eyes and will soften the light. The blue or golden hour is perfect for a photo.

Tools that can help you

There are many tools that professionals use to ensure a fine and clean work. There are many who use a lens hood or black photographic reflectors. We can even make our own with a bit of skill.

In post-production we can of course improve the image. Applying polarising or neutral density filters will help to attenuate the light so that the photo does not come out so “burnt”. In addition, another of the elements that can be retouched is saturation, which will help to avoid those orange colours, so typical of summer. There are many intuitive apps and tools available on the market for free to edit photographs and videos. Canva or Photoshop are some of the most relevant.

Summer photoshoot ideas

The model

Naturalness, that’s the word that should define your photographs. Posed shots are very common, improvise, give freedom to your imagination and let the photographer capture your true essence. Photograph landscapes from unusual angles, forget the typical photo next to the relevant monument or the close-up with hardly any details of your surroundings.

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