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What dishes are a must on your Valentine’s Day menu?


The romantic February 14th is approaching and choosing a meals for Valentine’s Day is a challenge we must overcome.

Legend has it that Valentine’s Day is a tradition born many centuries ago. Beyond a dinner menu, flowers and chocolates, this day symbolizes an epic story full of mystery, love and courage. If you stay with us we will try to tell you about it.

The romantic tradition we know is modern. It was in the 19th century when it was accepted the custom of celebrating love on February 14th around the world and sending romantic postcards to our lovers. This date is dedicated to a saint of whom little is known, even the Catholic Church has little information about it and decided in 1969 to stop celebrating it as a Christian holiday.

History of Valentine’s Day

To know the true origin of this legend we must go back to the third century. In ancient Rome, Saint Valentine was a story between fiction and reality. Marriages between young people were considered negatively at that time by the emperor, who believed that soldiers fought in a cowardly way if they were married and therefore tried to ban them. According to the myth, it was St. Valentine who married them on the sly.

Mixing pagan and religious feasts, he gradually established himself as the Saint who protected love. In this way he has come down to us. First it was a few simple postcards as a souvenir, then came the flowers, the chocolates and all the romantic things that surround it. Going to a restaurant to celebrate this day with your partner is one of the classics of our time. After this story, we will help you celebrate it with a good special menu for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Meals

Celebrating love in an unforgettable evening is one of the pleasures that this date brings. The company of our couple, a good wine and a perfect menu commemorate the world day of love. valentine's day meals

To this end, Baobab Suites and BB. Restaurant have prepared a memorable menu for your senses. Design, taste and a magical setting are the keys.

As a starter, we’ll have a champagne scallop with caviar. Our American scallop in its own juice, touches of Möet and sturgeon roe. We will continue with the lobster with arbequina and summer truffle in a fantastic salad. As a main dish we will have the Iberian and Carabiniere cheeks with the best potatoes from Tenerife, a traditional stew with an ally of the sea. We will finish with a sweet dessert full of magic, chocolate and strawberries. A soft white chocolate mousse with strawberry glaze and a bitter chocolate coating. It tastes just as good as when we read it.

To pair this banquet, wines of the best quality from the most renowned wineries, Privat Brut D.O. Cava, Chivite Rosado Las Fincas D.O. Navarra and Casa Castillo D.O. Jumilla.

An unforgettable day for us to celebrate love with the person who shares our life.

Baobab Mon Chéri

In addition, Baobab Suites offers you an unrepeatable experience for this day if you book with us. The Mon Chéri experience has:

– Welcome pack: flowers, strawberries with chocolate, bottle of cava and water.
– Breakfast in Suite
– Wellness Twin Experience (relaxing treatment per person in a private space, specially adapted for this purpose with an outdoor jacuzzi)
– To pamper and be pampered more and better: 1 manicure service for both
– Helicopter ride
– Romantic Gourmet experience at BB restaurant (starter, two main courses and two desserts).

A perfect day to celebrate love. This Valentine’s Day, share your love with us.

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