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Excursion to islands from Tenerife


The more adventurous are in luck when they visit the Canary Islands, because thanks to their strategic location they can live a great experience enjoying an excursion to islands from Tenerife, where they can enjoy the particular flora and fauna of each one of them.

The Canary Islands are a group of 8 islands of volcanic origin belonging to Spain and located in the Atlantic Ocean, northwest of Africa. It is common for islanders to make excursions to islands from Tenerife and Gran Canaria, with the intention of getting away from the city and discovering new corners of the Canary Islands archipelago.

8 islands, 8 unforgettable destinations

Each island has its own unique characteristics that cannot be found on any of the others. For example, El Hierro is lush and has countless green areas, while Lanzarote represents an arid environment and is covered with malpaís, which are kilometres of slightly eroded rocks of volcanic origin.

Fancy taking the plunge to another island? Maybe you are staying at the Baobab Suites and want to escape to another island, which, given the proximity, is possible to enjoy in a day or two. In today’s blog we’re going to tell you everything you need to start your excursion to islands from Tenerife.

Choose your destination: There are 7 possibilities!

The Canary Islands are a Spanish archipelago made up of eight main islands: El Hierro, La Palma, La Gomera, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote and La Graciosa. Each of these islands has unique characteristics and tourist attractions that make them different from each other. We encourage you to visit this website, where you can find out more about each of them in detail.

Excursion to islands from Tenerife
The 8 Canary Islands

The journey begins: What transport should I choose?

When we decide to start a excursion to islands from Tenerife, every islander knows that there are two options: travelling by plane or by ferry. Tenerife is a very well communicated island, as it has two airports and two commercial ports, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and the south of the island, respectively.

This makes it possible to travel directly to any island in the archipelago. If you want to bring your own vehicle, which we recommend for islands such as Fuerteventura or El Hierro, the best option is to go by ferry. If you prefer the quicker option, you can opt for the plane.

You arrive on the island: the adventure begins!

As we can’t predict your excursion to islands from Tenerife, we’ll give you some interesting facts about each of the 7 islands. Here we go!

Gran Canaria. Gran Canaria offers much more than just sun and beach, it also boasts breathtaking nature and rugged landscapes of great beauty. In the heart of the island is the Roque Nublo, an imposing volcanic monolith which can be reached by a path suitable for almost everyone and offers breathtaking views. In the northwest of the island is the Tamadaba Nature Reserve, one of the best-preserved primaeval Canary Island pine forests in the Canary Islands.

El Hierro. Despite its small size, the island is home to a surprising variety of landscapes. Moreover, due to the short distances, you can enjoy a relaxing swim at the coast and then hike along trails through Canary Island pines or laurel forests. One of the most popular trails is the Camino de Jinama.

Tenerife excursion to islands

Fuerteventura. Millions of years ago, Fuerteventura was the first island of the Canary archipelago to emerge from the Atlantic Ocean. Due to the lack of volcanic eruptions over the millennia, erosion has shaped the relief into landscapes such as Betancuria, where low mountains form gentle undulations in the terrain.

La Gomera. The second smallest, it is distinguished by its rugged volcanic mountains with numerous trails. At high altitudes, dense forests of ferns and moss-covered trees grow in the mists of the Garajonay National Park. Closer to the coast, Valle Gran Rey passes through La Calera, a village of whitewashed houses perched on a cliff.

La Palma. The island of La Palma has an extensive network of hiking trails through a variety of landscapes, from volcanic environments to pine and laurel forests, ridges, ravines and coastal cliffs. Among the most famous trails is the Ruta de los Volcanes, which goes deep into the Caldera de Taburiente National Park, and offers a unique experience in contact with nature.

Lanzarote. The volcanic landscapes of Lanzarote transmit a unique and special sensation due to their capacity to show us the strength and power of nature. They also invite us to reflect on our origins and our role on the planet. The Timanfaya National Park is one of the most beautiful volcanic areas in the world.Timanfaya National Park is one of the best expressions of volcanism on the island.

La Graciosa. Officially recognised as an island in 2018, it is the smallest of them all. Small, quiet, without asphalt or pollution, unspoilt nature, paradisiacal beaches of turquoise waters and white sand, austere landscapes, barely inhabited…

Enjoy the experience: Explore!

It’s time to bring out your most adventurous spirit and explore the routes, paths and mysteries of your chosen island. It’s clear that your excursion to islands from Tenerife would be full of adventures and now it’s time to experience them all.

To have a safe and responsible excursion in the mountains it is recommended to plan the route, to know the difficulty and duration, and to be informed about weather conditions and restrictions. In addition, you should be adequately equipped with comfortable clothing and footwear, water, food and a first aid kit.
It is important to be respectful of the environment, avoid leaving rubbish, do not make fires and do not disturb wild animals. You should also be proactive and let someone know the route and carry a fully charged phone and emergency numbers. You are now ready to start your excursion to islands from Tenerife!

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