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Guide to luxury holidays in Tenerife


If you want to feel special and enjoy something unique and unrepeatable, we are going to explain how to experience a luxury holidays in Tenerife.

Tenerife is not only known for its dreamy beaches and exceptional climate, but also for its ability to offer jaw-dropping luxury experiences. So, get ready for a trip full of high-end comforts and thrills. Don’t think that luxury is only available to a few, on your trips to our island you will see how beauty, pleasure and quality are part of your everyday life.

Tenerife is a destination that prides itself on providing unique experiences for those seeking a luxury holiday. From world-class hotels to award-winning restaurants and thrilling adventures, this island has everything you need to make the most of it.

luxury holidays Tenerife

Dream hotels

Let’s start with your accommodation, which is an essential part of a luxury holiday. Tenerife is home to a number of luxury hotels and resorts that will make you feel like a true VIP. From rooms with ocean views to private villas with pools, the options are endless. Imagine relaxing in a world-class spa or enjoying a cocktail on a terrace overlooking the Atlantic as the sun sets. These are just some of the delights that await you!

Baobab Suites is the perfect showcase of luxury and class. Its spacious and fully equipped suites with jacuzzi or private pool, its gastronomic services, the external activities on offer or the wellness are just some examples of the perfect way to enjoy a luxury holidays in Tenerife.

High level gastronomy

The gastronomic scene in Tenerife is first class. Local chefs have fused tradition with innovation to create dishes that are true culinary masterpieces. Why not enjoy a Michelin-starred dinner or sample Canarian cuisine in an elegant restaurant? Tenerife offers you a luxury culinary experience that will delight your senses. In Tenerife there are five Michelin-starred restaurants and many others of proven quality and varied gastronomic accolades.

In our hotel you will find a varied gastronomic offer in the different restaurants that we provide. You can even enjoy the quality of our chefs in your suite.

luxury holiday Tenerife

Exclusive sports and activities

For those looking for excitement and adventure, Tenerife also has a lot to offer. You can embark on a whale and dolphin watching trip on a luxury yacht or simply enjoy a Miami-style party on the sea. If you’re a golf lover, the island has championship golf courses that will challenge you while you enjoy panoramic views.

We also have the world’s best water park, Siam Park, which offers personalised and private experiences for your enjoyment.

Wellness and relaxation

Luxury holidays are also about relaxation and rejuvenation. Tenerife’s spas offer a wide range of wellness treatments, from relaxing massages to thermal water therapies – how about a day of pampering and pampering at a unique spa? It’s a perfect way to recharge your batteries and feel revitalised.

At Baobab Suites we have alternative and Ayurvedic therapies, professional massages, facials, rituals and special programmes to suit your every need.

High-end shopping

If you are a lover of shopping, Tenerife will not disappoint you. The island boasts renowned designer boutiques, jewellers and exclusive shops. You can buy unique local products, such as Canarian handicrafts, or invest in high-quality fashion pieces that will remind you of your luxury holiday in Tenerife.

We can conclude that Tenerife is a destination that prides itself on offering unrivalled luxury holidays. Whether you are looking for relaxation in a world-class spa, thrills at sea or exclusive gastronomic experiences, this island has everything you need for a dream getaway. So what are you waiting for, pack your bags and get ready to experience a luxury holidays in Tenerife that you will remember forever!

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