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Halloween 2019 in Tenerife! Our party at Activate Sports Club


On October 31st, at Activate Sports Club, we celebrated our Activate Creepy Halloween party. A terrifying and fun event that promises not to leave indifferent to those who want to spend a different Halloween 2019 night in Tenerife.

One more year, we have decided to celebrate the most terrifying night of the year in a big way. So, if you don’t know where to celebrate Halloween 2019 during your holidays in Tenerife, Activate Sports Club and Baobab Suites, make it easy for you! On Thursday 31st October, we celebrate Activate Creepy Halloween from 19:00. Also, if you decide to stay with us, the entrance fee is included in the price! If, on the other hand, you prefer to come to the party and not stay with us, you can buy your ticket at this link.

During our party, you can enjoy a delicious welcome cocktail, dinner on the beach in our centre and a drink during dinner (water, beer, wine or soft drinks). When we will finish the dinner, it will be time to dance until you die of tiredness to the rhythm of the music that our DJ will play.  All you need is your most terrifying costume and a lot of desire to have a good time, we will take care of everything else.

Halloween Costumes

If your biggest problem for Activate Creepy Halloween is finding a costume for the party, here are some alternatives you might want to wear:

Classic Halloween Costumes: Some of the most original costumes we can see each year during Halloween are from the main movie classics and popular scary stories. Jack the Ripper, ghost, zombie, skeleton, superhero… What do you think?

Original Halloween Costumes: If you want to be more original than the rest and your wardrobe stands out from the crowd, you may want to wear a costume that is fashionable and represents current themes. For that, we think that you could disguise yourself as Eleven, the protagonist of Stranger Things; as White Walker, some terrifying characters from Game of Thrones; the Joker or It, villains whose films will be released soon…

Couple Halloween Costumes: Another alternative are characterizations that require two people. As can be: Mr. and Mrs. Frankenstein, Alaska and Mario, Angel and Demon, Beauty and the Beast, Jon Snow and Daenerys…

Family Halloween Costumes: We couldn’t close the category of costumes without recommending some family costume that includes children. A fun rock and roll band, the Adams family, mummies, Harry Potter characters or a group of pirates…

Halloween Makeup

If you travel a little bit of space in your suitcase for our Halloween 2019 party in Tenerife: Activate Halloween Creepy, you might get the characterization of your character through a good makeup. To give more realism to your Halloween costume is essential makeup according to the character you’re going to play that night. You can also get some cool costumes that only require black clothes and a terrifying Halloween makeup.  Bases, multi-colored water-based makeup, fluorescent makeup, dental enamel, false eyelashes, glitter, brushes, sponges… Many ideas that take up very little space!

You already have all the ideas you need to come to our Activate Creepy Halloween and enjoy an unforgettable night! We only have one question left for you, trick or treat? We’re waiting for you!

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