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Holidays: A Fun Time, Even With the Family


No longer will people joke around asking you whether you had a fun holiday or whether you went with family. Because travelling with children no longer has to condition the leisure time that adults get to enjoy. Today there are many experiences that can be shared by both young and old alike. And yes, Tenerife —the land of contrasts— offers many options for organising a perfect summer holiday, even with your whole family. Should we go?

Hiking, beaches, mountains, recreational areas, sports activities… and even horseback riding! At Baobab Suites there are joint plans for everyone.

El Médano Beach (image courtesy of Tenerife Tourism).


Someone once said that Trips are lived three times: when we dream them, when we live them, and when we remember them. And since everyone knows that even the longest journey begins with a first step, what do you think about heading out for a hike? First stop? Of course, Mount Teide, the most famous natural icon of the Canary Islands. A simply sublime national park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2007 and a must-see in Tenerife. And yes, perhaps the fastest way to feel like you’ve landed on Mars with that volcanic aspect that is so characteristic of the highest mountain in Spain. Its 3,718 metres offer unique views and unforgettable experiences that parents and children will never forget, with trails that the entire family can hike. A dreamlike landscape in the middle of the island that is sure to fill the family WhatsApp group with photos. And with good reason.

Parque Rural de Anaga/ Sendero de Los Sentidos (Turismo de Tenerife).


The same will happen in other spectacular places, such as the Cruz del Dornajito in La Orotava, the Hills of Tacoronte, the Los Sentidos trail in the Anaga Rural Park, or —special mention— in Masca, located to the west, known as the insular Machu Picchu and which is, if you may, one of the most beautiful towns on the planet. So get a pen and paper. Because here are some of the many healthy and memorable excursions that explore beyond the beautiful beaches that make up the coast of Tenerife.

Senderismo en Villa de Arico (Turismo de Tenerife).


For the record, apart from walking on its trails, there are also those who look at the stars from the Teide Observatory. But for now let’s sail the sea.

Did you know that the Canary Islands are the most important destination in Europe for whale watching? Seeing whales and dolphins in the wild is almost hypnotic. Two very peculiar mammals that reign over the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean and that can be seen on board an environmentally-friendly boat that meets all the conditions for you to be at ease as you learn all about this marine wildlife. The great writer Cesare Pavese once said that “We do not remember days, we remember moments”. And what better moments than those from a fantastic trip? This journey also invites you to go swimming or snorkelling in an idyllic setting in the south of Tenerife, from Puerto Colón, Los Cristianos or Los Gigantes. By the way, be careful with this last attraction: the beauty of the cliff can be known to cause Stendhal Syndrome.

Avistamiento de cetáceos en familia (Turismo de Tenerife).


So what will it be, the beach or the mountains? Because there’s no shortage of things to do when faced with this popular Joker’s dilemma. There are even some ideas that combine both options. Please nobody hesitate to ask for more information from the Baobab Suites team.

For example, in Granadilla de Abona, El Médano is not only a paradise for windsurfing, but also for children. A beach spot that is overflowing with charm and at the end of which lies the Red Mountain, an image that will be engraved in your memory. And very close by, for even more unforgettable swims, the natural pools of Los Abrigos, also in the south of Tenerife. Although the truth is that breathtaking spots can be found all along the coast, from top to bottom and from left to right.

“My perfect weekend is going for a walk with my family in the park. I don’t think there’s anything better.” Words from the prestigious biologist Anne Wojcicki. And, in this regard, on the island there are little hidden gems, this time to the north, such as the La Vega Lagunera Park, where you can practice sports such as futsal, basketball or ping-pong and that also has a skate area, BMX, a rock climbing wall and swings to have a very, very pleasant time. Yes, the question seems almost rhetorical: Who’s in?

Forestal Park (Turismo de Tenerife).

Another surprising garden where the little ones in the family can run free, breathe in fresh air and let their imaginations run wild is the Puerto de la Cruz Botanical Garden, founded in 1788 and with more than 4,000 plant species. Not to mention more thematic and well-known attractions such as the Loro Parque Zoo (also in Puerto de la Cruz), the aquatic adventure that is Siam Park and Aqualand Aquapark in Adeje, the animals of Monkey Park and Camel Park in Arona, the zip lines of Forestal Park in Monte de la Esperanza or the Cave of the Wind in Icod de los Vinos. This last proposal leads us to one of the most amazing volcanic tubes on Earth; without a doubt, another of many other moments that the author Cesare Pavese would remember if he were to visit.

Siam Park (Turismo de Tenerife).


We told you at the beginning that in Tenerife there are so many experiences to excite adults and young people alike. A guaranteed hit: horseback riding. Who wouldn’t like to explore a wonderful landscape with their family in the purest horsemanship style? And no, you don’t need know to how to ride as if you were John Wayne, all you need is the motivation to go on a slightly different type of adventure. In times like these where scooters, electric bicycles and the latest cars have taken over, what if we let ourselves enjoy something like this? These are just a few suggestions for making the most of your free time on a fabled island, one of those that never sleeps, vast in its contrasts and full of good ideas. Plus, the novelist Mark Twain already once said that “One must travel, to learn.” And what’s better than parents and children learning together while enjoying such special moments in life!

Not to mention the comfort of the accommodations or the magical sunsets. Because Baobab Suites does its best to provide the highest level of well-being to both kids and adults. Along these lines, a very colourful attraction is the Saplings Kid’s Club, a play area with toys, stuffed animals, play houses, video game consoles, educational workshops, crafts and everything a kid needs to encourage their creativity and provide greater entertainment and relaxation to all visitors. A meeting point that is social, dynamic, eye-catching, educational and sporty, for encounters that will be kept forever in memory.

Saplings Kid’s Club (Baobab Suites).

In these times of frenzy and multitasking, Baobab Suites stands behind a message that may seem obvious, but is essential: the importance of spending time as a family. A famous study from the Journal of Family Psychology by the University of Georgia revealed that, regardless of the shared activity, an indelible emotional bond is created between everyone.

So how about a holiday in Tenerife? Sound good or simply great?

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