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Seven keys to discovering how to have a restful vacation


Can you hear the silence? Today we are going to give you some tips to show you how to have a restful vacation in Tenerife.

You deserve it, it’s your time to enjoy a relaxing holiday! Are you ready to learn how to transform your next trip into an experience of total relaxation? Leave everyday stress behind and discover how to unwind and recharge your batteries while exploring the world – it’s time to learn some tips and activities for a truly rejuvenating holiday!

Tenerife’s paradise is the perfect place to do just that, its paradisiacal beaches, green and silent mountains, self-care spaces and wonderful climate will help you disconnect from your everyday, urban life and transport you to true nirvana. Let’s get started.

1. Escape to nature

One of the best ways to disconnect is to get into nature. Whether it’s a walk in the forest, a remote beach or a hike in the mountains, contact with nature can be balm for the soul. The fresh breeze and the sounds of nature will help you forget your worries and connect with the natural environment.

Tenerife is a place of beautiful and lonely beaches like Antequera or Benijo, of large forests and mountains like Anaga and of natural parks and solitude in the Teide.

Yoga and meditation in the open airHow have a restful vacation

If you are looking for an effective way to relax during your holiday, consider practising yoga or meditation in an outdoor or bright environment. The combination of nature and stillness will help you release tension and find inner peace. Imagine having a yoga session at sunrise – it’s a truly rejuvenating experience!

At Baobab Suites and Actívate Sport Club you can learn and practice Hatha Yoga in group or individual sessions in your suite or Air Yoga in the comfort of your room. You can find all the information at Actívate Sports Club.

3. Wellness activitiesHow have restful vacation

Many holiday destinations offer a variety of wellness activities that allow you to unwind and rejuvenate. From relaxing wellness treatments to healthy cooking classes, you can find options to satisfy your wellness needs. Take the opportunity to pamper yourself!

Our wellness offer is extensive and personalised, you can check it out here.

4. Leave your electronic devices aside

One of the keys to disconnect during your holidays is to reduce your dependence on your electronic devices. Consider setting specific times to check your emails or social networks and spend the rest of the time enjoying your surroundings and the company of your loved ones. Disconnecting digitally will help you to be more present in the moment and reduce stress.

5. Practice the art of napping

If you travel to destinations where siesta is part of the culture, join the tradition! Taking time to rest in the afternoon can do wonders for recharging your energy. Plus, it’s a great excuse to relax and enjoy a refreshing drink or local snack.

6. Explore new cultures and flavours

Discovering new cultures and tasting local food is a fundamental part of travelling. Try authentic dishes and immerse yourself in the customs of your destination. Eating well is an experience that can bring you joy and satisfaction, and allow you to disconnect from your everyday worries.

7. Plan free time into your itinerary

Sometimes, we get carried away with a tight itinerary during a holiday. However, it is important to include free time in your planning to relax without rushing. If you see something interesting, explore it! But don’t feel pressured to visit every tourist attraction. Leave room for spontaneity and relaxation.

With these tips you know how to have a restful vacation on our island. By combining nature activities, wellness practices and digital disconnection, you can enjoy a rejuvenating holiday that leaves you ready to face the daily routine with renewed energy. So what are you waiting for, plan your next getaway and discover how to unwind and relax on your next holiday!

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