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Poor Suite Hotels are often very misunderstood and unfairly judged by people who don’t really understand what they are or what an awesome alternative they offer to standard hotels or self-catering apartments.

So to set the record straight, we thought we’d give you just 5 reasons why Suite Hotels rock. There are many more, but this is enough to get the idea:


Get up when you want, have breakfast in your pyjamas (or completely naked if you feel like it), then go back to bed or laze around on your sofa. Make a snack or a coffee whenever you decide to, and come and go as you please. No timetables, no restrictions. Enjoy your holiday the way you want to, every minute of your stay.


Don’t feel like seeing or talking to anyone for a week? Then don’t. The suites are large and secure enough for you to believe you’re in your own personal refuge, tucked away from any unwanted attention and able to completely disconnect. What happens in the suite stays in the suite!


Possibly the most characteristic feature of all is the space you can enjoy. Forget connecting rooms for families, you can all stay together, in one spacious suite, each with your own room, and with no need to get on top of each other or constantly be in each other’s way. Don’t underestimate the stress that this can take away from your holiday, nor the fights it can avoid.


Take the coffee machine or hair drier you can often find in a hotel room, but add a thousand more things to the list: toaster, corkscrew, iron, ironing board, TV, docking station, fridge-freezer…

They feel like home

Suites really do feel like home during your time there. In fact in some cases they are as big as or even bigger than an apartment. Separate lounge, dining area, spacious kitchen, terrace, and with your stuff everywhere. It’s impossible not to feel at home – and even better, someone comes and cleans it for you every day.

Now that you’ve begun to appreciate just why suite hotels are so great, here are a few more things that make Baobab Suites that bit more special:

Over 20 categories of suite

With so much choice, there really is a perfect suite for everyone. From a one-bedroom Boutique Suite with a quiet garden terrace, so a large two-bedroom Serenity Suite complete with private pool and beach to a magnificent three-bed Indulgence Suite with a gorgeous roof terrace or the four-bedroom penthouse, Euphoria, with its massive sun terrace complete with Jacuzzi and pool. No two suites are the same, the only things they have in common are the natural light, modern design and top-class furnishings.

Activate Sports Club

Just over the road, opposite the hotel, you’ll find Activate, our brand new, innovative and unique sports club. Perfect for the whole family, from the youngest to the young at heart, Activate offers regular events, group classes, padel tennis courts and tuition, a personal training studio and invigorating Pilates classes. There’s also a fabulous sandy beach area, great for children to play or for enjoying a game of beach volley, as well as Fuel RestoBar, which offers a nutritious menu throughout the day.

The services come to you

Don’t feel like going down to SensCare for a massage? That’s ok, a member of the SensCare team can come and give you a massage in your suite. Prefer to enjoy a delicious breakfast on your terrace, overlooking the sea, rather than going down for the buffet? No problem – choose what you’d like the day before, along with the time you’d like to have it delivered, and a member of the Baobab team will bring breakfast to your suite.

Baobab Suites’ facilities

Suite Hotels in general have great facilities, but Baobab’s are on a whole other level. The state-of-the-art kitchens boasts more utensils and equipment than most people have in their homes, along with a dishwasher, large fridge-freezer and a champagne bucket (of course!). Docking stations are on hand for you to enjoy your music, and there are LED TVs in most bedrooms as well as the living room, plus designer furniture throughout the suite and on the very spacious terraces. Over 50% of the suites have their own private swimming pool, many have a terrace Jacuzzi and some even have their own private beach.

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