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Living Tenerife’s nightlife


When we talk about nightlife, Tenerife is probably one of the most important holiday destinations offering moonlight action. Without a doubt, the island offers plenty of nocturnal adventures that can be adapted to different audiences.

Playa de las Américas, the party capital of Tenerife

 Without a doubt, one of the most important places when it comes to partying. Here you will find many nightclubs and beach bars where you can enjoy dance music until the early hours of the morning:

  • The main areas of the bars and discotheques are located in the center of the city and along the beach. The area of Las Verónicas is a very popular area for young people, full of nightclubs and bars with more affordable prices.
  • Families and the over 25s may prefer areas such as The Patch, where you’ll find more relaxed restaurants and pubs.

Literally (and we’re not exaggerating), there are hundreds of places to choose from.

Los Cristianos, the most relaxed face

 Los Cristianos is the result of a mixture of British and local culture. The focal point of nightlife in Los Cristianos is San Telmo district, is home to a number of bars frequented by locals and tourists alike.

San Telmo is full of places to enjoy eating, drinking and dancing. There are also restaurants overlooking the sea and Las Vistas beach. Nightlife generally starts late, from 1.00 a.m. to 4.00 a.m.

The most famous clubs


 There are a number of places that have made a name for themselves on the island and are worth visiting:

  • Fuel RestoBar & Beach Club: Inside Activate Sports Club, opposite the Hotel Baobab Suites, you will find this restaurant and beach club with views of a spectacular artificial beach, enjoy a healthy dinner and an exquisite cocktail bar! Plus, some Fridays we celebrate our acclaimed Beach Vibes Friday, a fun after-work with DJ and a cozy chill-out atmosphere. Also, on Tuesdays, we have different local artists who delight attendees with live music.
  • Papagayo Beach Club: If for you the best plan is to connect the beach with the party this is the place you were looking for. Papagayo is a restaurant during the day, and at night it becomes the most famous place of the party in Tenerife South. It has famous DJs playing every weekend. It is undoubtedly one of the best places to watch the sun hide behind the island of La Gomera.
  • Monkey Bar: Its location, its particular design, its decoration where bamboo furniture predominates and lush vegetation of different palms, make it one of the most important locations for events.
  • Tramps: Located in the area of Las Verónicas, is one of the best clubs of Tenerife South. You will enjoy resident DJs who will brighten up your night with the best international music. This place has the typical atmosphere of the big international discotheques.
  • Achaman: The dance floor of reference at night in Tenerife for Latin music and reggaeton lovers.

Recommendations for an unforgettable evening

Living the nightlife in Tenerife is a unique experience. Here we leave a series of recommendations that will make you enjoy even more if possible the party in the south of the island:


  • Select the places to visit in advance: This will help you go directly to the places that have awakened your interest.
  • Organize the commute: Establish how you are going to access the city and how you are going to return to the place where you are staying. If you want to take a taxi, just ask for it at Reception and we’ll take care of everything.
  • The best advice of all, enjoy: Remember that you are having the opportunity to enjoy, so have fun. Dance, laugh, meet new people, and live the experience to the fullest.

So keep this in mind, in the south of the island there are no excuses: the party has just started and you are already part of it.

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