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The experience of luxury suites with jacuzzi in Tenerife


It’s time to experience a different kind of holiday, unique moments while enjoying luxury suites with jacuzzi in Tenerife.

When we go on a trip we are demanding, we want the best for ourselves and our companions, we like personalised treatment and the most special services. We deserve a superior environment and we demand it, because we can and because it makes us happy. And when it comes to finding a hotel, there is no better option than luxury suites with jacuzzi in Tenerife.

The hotel world has completely changed in the last decades, the end of mass tourism, the optimisation of spaces and personalised treatment have become more important for the most demanding guests. For many, going from the hotel to an overcrowded buffet, not being able to have a hammock in the pool area and waiting for the lift is a thing of the past. There are hotels that take care of every detail to achieve maximum guest satisfaction; fully equipped rooms, top level room service, quality amenities, etc. A different way to face a holiday.

The luxury tourism segment continued to grow in 2021, despite the restrictions of the pandemic. With an average spend of around €20,000, these clients are looking for individualised trips, quality leisure, top-quality raw materials, luxury restaurants and fully-equipped rooms with that one detail that makes all the difference, that one touch that can mean luxury suites with jacuzzi in Tenerife.

Luxury suites Tenerife

Baobab Suites, a unique experience

Baobab Suites offers its guests a unique experience in its luxury suites. We value the privacy and tranquillity of our guests by offering a complete and personalised in-suite service.
Fun Gastro is a complete food and beverage programme offered directly in the rooms and consists of several parts. From 11:00 am to 23:00 pm you can order the room service menu, a complete menu featuring meats, fish, pasta, rice, snacks, desserts and a full range of drinks. All prepared by our expert chefs, served immediately and with the highest quality products.

In addition, we have a special breakfast service with four variants; Box Home edition, Box British Style, Box Tonic Morning and our Happy Box. Each of them offers a different and varied breakfast menu, ideal for every type of palate. In addition, you can also order a special box of organic products or a unique experience with a Thai chef in your suite.

And as it’s not just about taking care of your stomach, we’re going to dedicate a little more time to taking care of your body, mind and soul. Health and beauty treatments with high-end Ayurvedic products for one person or specialised treatments for couples. And all this without leaving your suite, we take care of the whole process.

Luxury suites with jacuzzi in Tenerife

Luxury suites with jacuzzi in Tenerife

Some of our suites have that differentiating element, that special point that makes your holidays an incomparable pleasure. We show you which ones they are so that you can make your reservation on our website.

  • Divinity Lago is a one-bedroom suite with Jacuzzi, furnished terrace and side ocean views. It has a living/dining room and kitchen.
  • Serenity Lago also adds another bedroom to the above and is perfect for families or groups of friends.
  • Serenity Allegra adds to the above being at the top of the hotel, the spectacular views of the ocean and the island’s coastline. A luxury penthouse with every possible comfort.

It’s your moment, the moment to go to the next level and have a luxury holiday in the Canarian paradise. In addition, at Baobab Suites we have other rooms that include private jacuzzi and swimming pool: Infinity Harmony, Infinity Indulgence, Infinity Euphoria, Infinity Mar, Serenity Mar and Divinity Mar.

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