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With a desirable weather, an extraordinary variety of hotels and more than 350 km of coastline, there is no doubt that Tenerife is a privileged destination for sun-and-beach tourism. However, the coastline of the Island is riddled with beautiful hideouts, in which the sea seeps in through the volcanic rock formations, giving rise to incredible pools and swimming areas. A combination of nature, privacy and crystalline water that, undoubtedly, it will delight those who seek to take a dip and enjoy a different experience… We invite you to discover the stunning natural pools of Tenerife!

Pools of Tenerife, the best kept secret

Since they do not usually appear in travel guides, the natural pools of Tenerife are the perfect option to enjoy a quiet swim, away from crowds, in the middle of nature. Believe us: there is nothing like relaxing in this haven of peace, while you admire the waves breaking on the other side and the impressive mountains behind you! In North or in South, easily accesible or a little hidden, adapted or wild… the offer is huge and there are many options to choose from! So, let’s make it easy: there is our selection with 5 natural pools of Tenerife that you should not miss.

El Caletón

Of all the natural pools of Tenerife, these are undoubtedly the most popular. Among its attractions, the history behind its formation stands out: in 1706, the eruption of Trevejo volcano -which buried a large part of the town of Garachico- generated a lava tongue that, when went in to the water, gave rise to the rock formation that, nowadays, make up these natural pools. El Caletón is one of the swimming areas in the north of Tenerife preferred by families, as it is perfectly equipped with solarium, water stairs, showers, snack bar… Maybe that’s why this is the natural pool with more influx of people; but this should not discourage you: the swim is fantastic and, if you go there, you will have the opportunity to discover the town of Garachico.

caleton garachico

Charco de la Laja

From one of the busiest, we went to one of the loneliest: this is one of the best natural pools of Tenerife to enjoy the tranquility and the natural environment… that’s why it is the most appreciated by the residents! Located in the northern town of San Juan de la Rambla, its surroundings do not leave anyone indifferent: to reach it, you will have to go down some stairs -from which you will have spectacular views of the coast– until you reach its incredible crystalline waters enclosed by volcanic rock. And, since you travel to San Juan de la Rambla, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy an exquisite soupy rice or a dish with the best fish in the area!

charco la laja

Charco del Viento

Located near the previous ones, in the northern town of La Guancha, this is one of the best natural pools of Tenerife for snorkeling. Its formation is also due to volcanic eruptions, which gave rise to this place: a large bay, surrounded by volcanic rocks, with clear waters and different swimming areas. We also recommend this pool for families, since it has been conditioned with access and solarium area… But, take care! It is important to make sure that the sea is calm, since otherwise, the access and the bathroom become complicated and -of course- they are not recommendable.

charco del viento

La Jaquita

On a review through the natural pools of Tenerife South, La Jaquita – located in Guía de Isora– stands out. This pool has spaces for sunbathing and two large swimming areas that -undoubtedly- will invite you to dive into its quite water, while you enjoy privileged views to La Gomera island. Our recommendation? Stay until the end of the day to enjoy the wonderful sunset.

la jaquita

El Tancón

We finish with one of the most magical natural pools of Tenerife South. Near Los Gigantes cliffs, this pool -hidden in a cave- is one of the most incredible secret corners of the area. It is not a very accessible place (the natural pool communicates with the outside through an opening in the cave), so when the sea is rough, it is not advisable to get inside; but if the water is calm, the bath will be an incredible experience that you will not forget.

el tancon

If you travel to Tenerife, do not hesitate to follow these recommendations and stay at Baobab Suites! A different way to discover the island, without giving up luxury and comfort of our suites.

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