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The best outfits for travelling to the Canary Islands


Packing your suitcase is one of the biggest challenges of our holidays. Read some of the best tips to choose the best outfits for travelling to the Canary Islands.

What are the best outfits for travelling to the Canary Islands? There are many possibilities of clothing that we can choose from due to its multiple tourist options. We recommend you to prepare a good suitcase to help you decide the best option for each of your holidays. Beaches, mountains, luxury restaurants, nightlife, sports activities and many other possibilities. The Canary Islands is a paradise full of different moments in which to wear a wide variety of clothes and accessories.

To start packing your suitcase you should take into account the usual temperatures on the island and the season of the year in which you are travelling. In the Canary Islands, annual averages indicate that the temperature rarely falls below fifteen degrees Celsius and rarely exceeds thirty degrees Celsius. These differences occur between the winter and summer seasons. The monthly oscillation is much smaller, temperatures never fluctuate in the same month above six degrees Celsius. You should bear in mind that these figures are estimated averages, the peculiarity of some days on the islands may vary slightly, as may the location you are in. As you can see, it’s a friendly climate that will help you to complete your wardrobe in a very simple way.


Close to the sea

The Canary Islands is an archipelago that offers the possibility to enjoy the beach and the mountains. If you’re a lover of either or both of these two places, you’ll need to bring the right clothes for both or go to the local shops to look great in your Instagram photos.

Bikinis are of special importance to walk along our unrepeatable beaches and keep unforgettable memories. In this 2021 the trends indicate some recommendations that we are going to list for you. You’re going to look great

Among the types of tops, the bandeau is still one of the most popular because of its comfort and tanning possibilities.
The halter top is another of the most used, the beauty of an open back and a high neckline tied at the neck enhances the female figure.
The wired bikini was the main trend last year, this year it remains among the most sought after. This original design with a small central wire highlights the shape of the bust.
Within the swimming costumes, the asymmetrical possibility has been very strong this summer. A very aesthetic trend, minimalist or with ruffles.
As for men’s fashion, there are two trends for beach or pool. The mid-thigh shorts are the main reference, closely followed by the well-known speedo model. The amount of tan you want to get will be the key for you to choose one of them.

Accessories such as sunglasses, hats and caps or cool shirts made of breathable materials will help you combat the heat and humidity of the environment on your days by the sea.

Mountain and sports activities

If adventure and discovery are an essential part of your holiday, you should take into account the necessary clothing for exploring the islands. Bear in mind that despite our high average temperatures, we have an altitude of up to 3715 metres at the highest point of the Canary Islands. This brings with it a drastic drop in temperatures.

If you want to walk around the islands at higher altitudes (Tenerife, La Palma, Gran Canaria) you should come equipped with suitable footwear and sufficient warm clothing in the autumn and winter months. Prevention is better than cure, adventurers are experts in this matter.
In addition, there are many sporting activities in the Canary Islands that require personalised equipment and clothing. Diving, surfing or climbing require accessories which, if you can bring them from home, will make it easier to practice them.


Canarian nights

The Canary Islands have a festive atmosphere all year round, going out for dinner and a drink is the perfect activity to put on our best clothes. In a relaxed ambience and with a summer-vacation look we can enjoy exclusive atmospheres, luxury restaurants and nightclubs for all tastes and ages.

Leave your winter clothes at home to enjoy the warm nights of the archipelago and choose the best look for a trip to the Canary Islands.


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