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Paddle tennis in Tenerife South is growing steadily


The potential of paddle tennis in Tenerife South and in the rest of the world is impressive. Today we will see the development of this sport and the best place to practice it.

Few sports in recent years have grown at the same rate as paddle tennis worldwide. The Global Paddle Tennis Report study carried out by the consultancy firm Deloitte has provided significant data on this new sport. The creation of new courts in Europe has tripled since 2016 – reaching almost 27,000 – a figure that translates into more than 20% annual growth. In addition, our country was leading the number of paddle tennis clubs and courts in 2021. Today we are going to learn a little more about paddle tennis in Tenerife South.

There is a differentiating element in this sport according to the experts. Its social character has made it grow disproportionately in recent times, according to Pedro Clavería, CEO and Co-Founder of Playtomic, “we are living a unique social phenomenon in history. The consolidation of a more social sport, easier to learn, and above all a sport that has been born digital. Today you can play paddle tennis whenever you want, wherever you want and find people of the same level as you without even knowing them”. Words that make clear the influence of this sport at the community level.

Other interesting data from the report are the following: the word paddle tennis has grown in the level of Google searches by 300% since 2016, it has gone from 22 million plays on youtube in 2016 to 145 million views in 2021, the numbers of the main paddle tennis players on social networks have grown by up to 500%. Relevant data for a sport on the rise, a business opportunity and a great way to have fun with friends. The complete pack.

Paddle tennis in Tenerife

First tips for beginners

Is paddle tennis a complicated sport, do you need to be in great physical shape, can you play paddle tennis at any age? There are many questions we can ask ourselves when taking up a new hobby. Paddle tennis is a sport with simple rules, where physical effort is less important than in other sports of its kind and can be played at any age.

There are many tips we can give you for your first experience with the paddle, one of them is the positioning. The court is 10 metres wide and 20 metres long, it is a small space where your position is key to get the most out of it. Physical effort becomes less important when you know how to handle the bounce on the walls. It won’t do you any good to run a lot of kilometres if you don’t play with a bit of head.

Patience is another key element, points can last a long time. It’s not about trying to win every point on the first shot, calmness and accuracy will be key to your game. I’m sure this guide can give you some more information about your first steps in paddle tennis.

Paddle tennis Tenerife

Paddle tennis in Tenerife south

Activate Sports Club is the perfect place to start playing paddle tennis. We have four state of the art courts for you to try your first lessons with our fantastic coaches or to practice on your own with friends and colleagues. The club is open from Monday to Saturday from 08:00h to 22:00h and we are fully available to adapt our classes to your timetable.

In addition, Activate Sports Club has a Fuel Restobar, a leisure place to have a drink and enjoy a good meal after finishing your matches, pilates or yoga classes, full gym and personal training. We also have activities for children, beach volleyball courts and many other surprises. Make the most of paddle tennis in Tenerife South and join the big family of Baobab Suites.

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