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A sensory journey through Baobab Suites


Tenerife’s enormous diversity offers you the chance to experience an endless list of different sensations through the island’s huge variety of available activities: happiness; adrenaline; relaxation; fun; freedom and much more, all in one fabulous holiday. But what about your senses? How do they get stimulated? There are countless ways to indulge them, from incredible views and the salty smell of the ocean to the feeling of soft sand under your feet, delicious food and the sound of the waves breaking on the rocks. These are just part of the incredible sensory journey that awaits you.

In Baobab Suites you can also feel each of your sense to the full, thanks to the many different experiences the hotel offers you to enjoy:


Start your day with a stimulating shower using the exclusive Rituals products that you’ll find in your suite. Let the incredible scents transport you to a magical faraway land as you’re seduced by the sweet orange shower gel, the Argan oil and eucalyptus shampoo, the wonderful mandarin hand wash and the exquisite white lotus body lotion. They all serve to create a veritable paradise for your sense of smell.


The next stop on your sensory journey is touch. Enjoy the sensation of strong yet soft hands travel over your back and rub all that tension away as you enjoy a wonderful massage from the comfort of your suite. It is, without doubt, an experience that will be etched in your memory (and on your skin) for a long time.


Perhaps the sense that we truly get the most pleasure from is our ability to see, to be able to contemplate the majestic mountains around us or how the blue sky blends seamlessly with the ocean out on the horizon. Luckily for you, Baobab Suites offers you several places where you can treat your eyes to some incredible views out across the ocean and over to La Gomera.


Make the most of your afternoon with a lively Pound class in Activate Sports Club. Not only will you get your body moving through this intense and enjoyable workout, but you’ll also treat your ears to some of the catchiest songs around, bringing a wonderful energy boost to your day. If you prefer a softer way of stimulating your hearing, sit or lie back on the sandy beach area and enjoy the chill out sounds coming from Fuel Restobar.


To finish your fabulous sensory journey on a high note, we’ve left what many consider the best ´til last: taste! What better than to sample some of the delicious dishes available at BB Restaurant? The Canarian ceviche is a must – its mixture of flavours forms a veritable taste explosion in the mouth as the red mojo, passion fruit, cane syrup and coriander combine to absolute perfection…

Let your senses run wild and free as you enjoy this unique journey. Reconnect with your surroundings and yourself and treat each of your senses to the luxurious experiences they deserve.

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