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Fly in the island’s skies; take a helicopter ride in Tenerife


Turn your holiday into an unforgettable one by taking a helicopter ride in Tenerife. An exclusive trip only prepared for the most demanding tourists.

The human being has always had the desire to fly, to be a bird that travels long distances and observes from the sky the rest of mortals on a small scale. There are countless methods and advances since the Wright brothers and many others were pioneers in the world of aviation obtaining solutions for an indescribable pleasure; to dominate the sky. Today we are going to see how flying over Tenerife in a helicopter is a unique, magical and easy experience to do with our company.

Tenerife is an island with unimaginable natural landscapes. We know that it is perfect for walking along its trails, we know the wonders that its coastline can offer us from a boat, but what if we see it from the air? The area of Los Gigantes and its cliffs is a common place for this type of route due to its beauty and uniqueness.


Take a helicopter ride in Tenerife

From Baobab Suites we want to offer you a renewed and exclusive experience, only within reach of those who want a holiday to remember forever. On our website you can find the way to book a unique moment during your stay.

If you fancy a helicopter tour around the south of the island, we have the perfect initiative for you. Start your day as you are picked up from your hotel and driven to your pilot. After a panoramic flight over the most hidden and special places of our geography you can enjoy an exclusive three-course lunch in a typical Tenerife finca. There you can taste the best food and learn how the Canarian wine is made. Once you have enjoyed a leisurely lunch, you will return to the starting point in the helicopter while you enjoy the beautiful scenery.

This trip is designed for up to four people, lasts approximately three hours and can be conducted in Spanish, English, German or French. A complete experience you won’t regret. In addition, the area is very close to our hotel. This will make transport easier, shortening the time and distance. Your mobile phone camera and your eyes will not forget such a special helicopter ride in Tenerife.

Remember that Baobab Suites offers its guests a multitude of personalised and unique experiences that will make your holiday special. Take a look at our website and get a taste of adventure or pleasure during your stay with us.


Past, present and future of the helicopter

For the curious who reach the end of this article, we are going to review the history of the helicopter and its main curiosities. This rotary-wing aircraft has its precursor in an invention of Spanish origin. It was Juan de la Cierva who, in 1920, created the so-called autogiro, a hybrid between an aeroplane and a helicopter that made use of the power of rotors.

These rotors provide stability to the apparatus without the need for movement, and this is one of the main advantages of this means of transport; its ease of take-off and landing. As with any new invention, many people actively participated in its improvement and production. The inventor of the first piloted and motorised helicopter was the Argentinian Raúl Pateras de Pescara, and the first fully controllable in-flight, mass-produced helicopter was developed by Igor Sikorsky in 1942.

Military use, rescue in areas difficult to access or maritime zones, commercial transactions, passenger transport in large cities or leisure are some of the main uses of this increasingly popular means of transport.

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