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Take care of your body; the best pilates in Tenerife South


Health and sport are together in Baobab Suites to achieve a unique experience in your lifestyle. Discover the benefits of the most effective Pilates classes in Tenerife South.

Since the beginning of the 20th century we have known about this sporting practice that mixes yoga, gymnastics and some other related disciplines. It owes its name to its creator, the German Joseph Hubertus Pilates. The techniques have evolved constantly since its beginnings, but the philosophy remains the same; to unify muscular strength with breathing and physical and mental relaxation. A compendium of complete exercises that will help you keep fit and free your mind.

There are many ways to get started in this body experience, today we will discover how in Baobab Suites we go one step further with a truly luxurious integral care and the performance you can get by establishing this routine in your daily life.


Advantages of pilates

The Pilates method has proven to be an effective way to maintain your physical health and improve your stress level. Millions of people around the world practice these exercises and are rewarded with a multitude of benefits in their daily lives. And when we say millions of people, we are not exaggerating, as all age and health groups can practice this sport as long as it is adapted to their characteristics. It is an inclusive activity, perfect for all kinds of people and has a wide range of exercises.

  • Among the improvements for your condition we can highlight breathing. It is very important to coordinate movement with breathing, which increases your lung capacity and reduces blood pressure.
  • Another factor in which we will increase will be flexibility, the Pilates method is based on stretching and movement of the body. You will gradually gain mobility and flexibility in your body.
  • Your posture will also improve. By working on the muscles of the back, abdomen, chest and shoulders, you will avoid pain in the lumbar and cervical spine. You will learn to maintain body discipline.
  • Tone your body. Constant work pays off and over time you will see the external improvement of your muscles. In addition, you will gain strength and endurance. It is very easy to check, you will notice these physical improvements day by day.
  • Stress reduction is another key point in an increasingly tense society full of responsibilities. Pilates will help you to connect body and mind and disconnect from the external factors that overwhelm us. You will sleep better and release endorphins that fill your life with positivity.


Pilates at Baobab Suites

As with everything we do at Baobab Suites, we provide our Pilates activities with differentiating factors that make your experience with us something unique and special. We go one step further in this technique to offer you a complete and exclusive body care service. For this we have the professionalism and skill of Ana Lozano, a reference in the sector with years of experience in her work.

At Actívate Sport Club by Baobab Suites we have a complete, comfortable and pleasant equipment to practice this activity that will make you fall in love with it during your stay. We will start your experience with a muscle assessment and postural analysis. There we will be able to define what is most suitable for you.

Afterwards you will have access to three private classes, Mat and machines. Guided by experts in the subject, you will understand the magic of the Pilates method and get your body in tune. A body that will finish relaxing with a 55 minute sports, Deep Tissue or Therapeutic massage. It’s up to you to choose your favourite. To finish, you will give energy to your life with an energising, purifying or low-carb smoothie per day of training.

Baobab Suites once again demonstrates its commitment to exclusivity and personal care by offering its guests the best Pilates in Tenerife South.

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