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Tenerife black sand; the legend of the volcano


Get to know the best black sand beach in Tenerife and a list of places to visit to enjoy these wonders of nature.

The volcanic origin of our island determines the colour of many of the coastal areas that surround us. The sand on the beaches is formed by the erosion of the nearby cliffs, which in Tenerife takes on special importance due to its volcanic origin and the characteristic black colour of the solidified lava.  Lanzarote and Iceland are some of the few places in the world where we can find this unique colour. And this sums up the main reason why there is not just one black sand beach in Tenerife, there are many. 

The beaches are the result of years and years of change and modification of the landscape. A direct evidence of the history and life of a place. A true miracle of nature that we share with you so that you can get to know the best black sand beach in Tenerife and the many other options that this paradise has to offer. 


The best black sand beach in Tenerife

An article of this kind requires some subjectivity, which is why we have chosen one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, bearing in mind that every islander has their favourite spot.

Benijo beach is located within the spectacular landscape of Anaga and is guarded by two large rocks in the middle of the sea. The Roque de Benijo and the Roque de la Rapadura create an impressive image as soon as we start to descend the large staircase that leads to the beach. This wild beach is far from overcrowded and few tourists make the long drive down to it. The coastline is 300 metres long and 30 metres wide and is best visited at low tide. You can also visit other nearby beaches of great beauty during your visit. Almáciga or Roque de las Bodegas await you. Watch out for the waves, put on the song by Andrés Suárez in tribute to this place and enjoy.


Other recommended black sand beaches

The excursion through the volcanic sand of the island can be continued at Bollullo beach and its neighbours. Together with Los Patos and El Ancón they form a perfect summer trio in the north of the island. Three places of dark sand, each one wilder than the last.With a dangerous swell you must be very careful when bathing, as the last two beaches do not have any services.

Socorro beach is located in the municipality of Los Realejos. It is ideal for surfing or bodyboarding because of its waves. Easily accessible and with basic services, this beach of fine sand is ideal for spending a day with the family under the cliffs of the north of the island.

In the south of the island is Los Guíos beach. In the municipality of Los Gigantes and with the beautiful view of its cliffs you can enjoy this quiet beach, very close by you can rent a boat and go in search of whale watching.

Las Gaviotas beach is located in the capital of Tenerife, a little further away than the famous white sand beach of Las Teresitas you can find this volcanic place of dark sand. Under the cliffs of Anaga you will enjoy a day in the sun and a walk along the shore that is unrivalled.

A trip with luxury accommodation

For a tour of any of these beaches you will need to stay somewhere to suit you. At Baobab Suites we can provide you with everything you need for a complete holiday. Excursions to these marvellous beaches and relaxing days where you can recover with the best quality services and facilities. We are waiting for you to share the best corners of our paradise.

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