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The best Tenerife recommendations to know the Island and Baobab Suites


Search no more, here we have the best Tenerife recommendations to enjoy the Island and have a perfect vacation in Baobab Suites.

When going on a trip, booking the hotel and getting on the plane are not the only important parts to ensure the perfect vacation. To live a great time, regardless of the place you visit, what you need to do is search what are those activities that you simply can not miss and that will make your trip the best moment of your life. The Canary Island has a lot of diverse activities to do. That is why, if you are thinking of visiting, here we will give you a list of the best Tenerife recommendations to enjoy every day of your trip while you stay with us.

A day of sun and sea

To get the most out of your day and to not miss the amazing sunny weather that Tenerife has, we recommend you to book a day in the Papillon de Tenerife, Catamarán of Baobab Suites. The sun, the sea and the opportunity to see whales and dolphins up close; all of this in a luxurious boat that has everything you might think of to make your day even more exciting.

End your sunny day on the highest note, enjoying one of the best cocktails that the BB Lounge of Baobab Suites has for you. Relax in an amazing solarium from which you can see the sun set in the beautiful sea of Tenerife while you sit in our hammocks next to an amazing pool.

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Wellness, sport and more

If in your vacation, you want to get started into some activities that you did not have the time to enjoy, Baobab has the best set of sports you can give a try to. Swimming, trekking, cycling, diving or even having a golf match in one of the most luxurious fields of the whole Island. All of these activities are available for you to try something that you always have the feeling for or for not losing your form.

Besides, if you like being healthy, Wellness Baobab does not only have the best usual massages and hydration therapies; it also has the unique service of Project MAJŶ. A pack of therapies and training that can help you with everything you need regarding health, wellness and physical training. In Baobab, we only work with organic and ecological products certified by the III Organic Clean Awards to make sure that your experience can be as natural and relaxing as you want.

In Boabab Suites we also have some yoga and Pilates classes to, not only keep your body in form, but mainly to keep your mental state in the best conditions ever. Enjoy private classes in the comfort of your suite, have a deep tissue, sport or therapeutic massage and enjoy the unlimited access to our gym and the rest of classes that we have.

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The best gastronomical experience

Tenerife has the best natural products that allow you to taste different foods and in Baobab Suites we offer you a service that can help you start your day in the right way. With our service FunGastro you can have any breakfast you want without having to get out of your suite or doing long queues.

And if you are truly a food lover and on your trips you need to have a day to try the best exotic dishes, here you can do it in one of the best restaurants on the Island. To enjoy the most exquisite dishes in a luxurious environment, Sucás Restaurante is the best way to go. From the hands of the talented chef Lucas Maes, you can have the best dishes based on culinary creativity and see the importance of mixing the best products with the nicest elements of the kitchen. This incredible restaurant opens the doors to a world filled with flavor and every dish you eat will leave you even more amazed.

For a more calming experience, Baobab offers you its space in the Fuel RestroBar, a place filled with dishes created to your liking and with natural products that can be enjoyed in the most comfortable space.

Enjoy Tenerife recommendations to the max and live the best vacation with every luxury you can think of in Baobab Suites.

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