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The 5 secret places in Tenerife that you must know


Forget traditional tourism and discover the best secret places in Tenerife South. Unique landscapes to take away with you in your memories.

Human beings have a tendency to always look for what others can’t get. A surprise, a place, that key point that makes us feel special. This is not a bad thing, it differentiates us, it gives us and builds our adventurous personality. Ever since we were little we have been passionate about discovering, investigating and achieving goals that no one else has achieved before. That’s why we want our holidays to reach that goal too. Today we are going to show you secret places in Tenerife South that very few people know about.

When we choose our holiday destination, we consult review platforms such as TripAdvisor, we watch TV programmes about the destination in question, we ask friends and family who have visited the area before, and so on. We have many options in this information society to get to know our chosen place, but nothing will be as pure and real as the information from a person who knows the area, who was born there or has lived there for a long time. There are always small details that escape the knowledge of the big information flows, we will try to discover some of them.

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Secret spots of Tenerife South

The arch of Tajao is a whimsical form of nature perfect for photographers, instagramers and models. This peculiar natural structure has been formed over the centuries due to the erosion of water on an unconsolidated part of the volcanic tuff. The arid landscape that surrounds it and the sun that shines in the south of Tenerife will transport you to the Grand Canyon. The arch is only a few minutes away from the wonderful fishing village of Tajo. A surprising visit that very few tourists know about.

The Tancón cave is both beautiful and very dangerous. This maritime redoubt is actually a bufadero (a natural chimney usually opened in a cliff, which is connected to sea chasms). This place, where bathing is forbidden, is one of the most unknown places on the island. It is located in the coastal area of the municipality of Santiago del Teide. At low and calm tide, the water is crystal clear; at high and rough tide, we strongly recommend that you don’t even stop to look.

The natural pools of Los Abrigos will surprise you with the convoluted shapes of its rocks. With a slightly complicated access, we can find these natural pools where there are many more locals than tourists. Very close to the marvellous beaches of El Médano you will find these pools. With good weather assured, the only thing left to do is to check the state of the tide, as it is much better to visit them at high tide.

Diego Hernández beach is another of the wonders awaiting you in Tenerife. A magical place located in the municipality of Adeje, near the area of La Caleta. This golden sandy beach is not very crowded and outside the usual tourist area. We recommend you visit it at low tide so that you can enjoy all its beauty. The only thing missing is for the sun to come out and you can enjoy the views of La Gomera.

Chiñama viewpoint, if you are a fan of viewpoint tourism and incredible aerial perspectives, this could be a fantastic place for you. It is located in the municipality of Granadilla de Abona and offers a great view of the whole of this area in the south of Tenerife. Something different and unusual away from the island’s marine areas.

secret places in Tenerife

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