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The barraquito, a coffee with Tenerife essence


The canaries are made of a special material. The taste of the barraquito represents our gastronomic culture and has become a landmark of the archipelago.

Like every history of tradition, inventiveness and originality are many who claim the invention of the barraquito. This invigorating and full of flavour drink was born in the streets and bars of Santa Cruz de Tenerife quite a few years ago. It is estimated that the tradition began around the middle of the 20th century.

There are several versions to identify its origin. The most widespread explains that it was born in the bar “Imperial” near the Plaza de la Paz. A regular customer nicknamed “barraco”, this nickname is attributed to Sebastian Rubio, asked for a similar drink. His request became so famous that other people began to imitate him and ask for the same drink as this man of curious nickname. Other people, on the other hand, believe that it was created in the bar “Los Paragüitas”, also in the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Finally, there are versions that attribute the invention to the waiter of a bar in port of Santa Cruz, Manolo Grijalbo. In this bar, artists, writers and intellectuals of the time met. Whatever the story, it has the epic of all great inventions. Certainly, it has irremediably settled in the hearts of Tenerife and Canary Island.

In spite of its delicious taste, the canary barraquito has not yet succeeded outside our borders. How many of us have ordered a barraquito in Madrid or Barcelona? The waiters never knew what to answer. It’s a typical product from the archipelago, a very special product.

How to prepare?

Preparation is the most important part of this article. There are many ways to prepare it, but the modifications are usually minor. The tradition must be maintained, although each one gives its own special touch. There are many bars and restaurants that use some extra spice or change the liquor used. The important thing is to preserve the essence of its creators.

We can start by placing a narrow and long glass. In this subject we can vary in the designs. Traditionally it was served in what we know in the Canary Islands as a glass for wine. Nowadays there are many innovative designs of containers, it is a way to give your special touch without altering the essence of the product.

In the bottom of that glass we pour a little condensed milk, over it a dash of liquor 43 and coffee. Emulsify the milk and add it. After this part we add the lemon rind, be careful with the white part, it is quite bitter. Finally, sprinkle a little cinnamon and we have finished our little barraquito with liquor. Traditional style with all the flavour of the islands.

What´s the most important thing when you drink barraquito?

In this case we have it very clear, the difference is made by people and the environment. You bring your friends and we provide in Baobab Suites and BB Restaurant a unique, relaxing and pleasant environment for you. Drink with us the warm and sweet drink par excellence of the Canary Islands.

The gastronomy is one of the bets of our hotel establishment to give a quality service to our guests and visitors. Respect for the Canarian product and tradition are mixed with innovation and cooking techniques to form a perfect combination of essence and modernity.

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