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The benefits of sustainable tourism; a present challenge


Protecting the environment and being able to take advantage of it. More and more hotel establishments are committed to the benefits of sustainable tourism.

Tourism in the Canary Islands takes on a dimension incomparable to most places in the world. More than 35% of the GDP and 40% of employment in the islands is produced by this sector. This requires that we take care of the environment in which we live, that we develop our tourist activity with responsibility and that we take into account the importance of our actions on the environment. Many forward-looking hotels already know and implement the benefits of sustainable tourism.

More and more people love to travel, communications between countries are improving and the culture of tourism is becoming more and more widespread. It is the responsibility of the destination to protect its environment for future generations. According to the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), the definition of sustainable tourism is: “Tourism that takes full account of current and future economic, social and environmental impacts to meet the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities”.

Benefits of sustainable tourism

According to Biosphere Tourism there are different types of benefits depending on their context. Let’s list them:

Environmental benefits

  • Minimal environmental impact.
  • Encourage responsible consumption and respect for the natural environment.
  • Develop in a balanced way and in harmony with the environment.
  • Generate economic benefits from the local flora and fauna and that this has repercussions for the community

Cultural benefits

  • Encourage local culture and promote proper understanding with newcomers to the area.
  • To help and work in the conservation of any cultural elements of interest.
  • Collaborate with local festivities and cultural expressions.

Social benefits

  • Integrate the local community into the tourism activity.
  • To guide tourists in the proper conduct of their visit.
  • Helping the community economically and promoting infrastructure.
  • Protect and develop the rural population and workers.

Economic benefits

  • Generate local employment directly and indirectly.
  • Stimulate the development of other tourism businesses.
  • To promote the consumption of local products.

This is the direction that tourism must take in the future in order to be an essential part of the communities it represents. At Baobab Suites we are committed to our environment, which is why we help to promote people, projects and companies in the Canary Islands.



Baobab Suites and its projects

Baobab Suites knows the importance of collaborating with different local entities and these are some of the initiatives we are currently supporting and developing:

La Calabacera banana plantation is located in the municipality of Guía de Isora. With more than 230,000 m2 of organic crops and unbeatable views of the ocean and the island of La Gomera. It is a certified organic farm, with a fruit and vegetable sales service on its premises and a home delivery service.
They have diversified their crops in order to be able to provide their customers with other vegetables. In addition, they can hold events that will be unforgettable.

As part of its commitment to the environment, following the distinction of Tenerife as a Whale Heritage Site, Baobab Suites is planning to build a centre for the conservation of cetaceans, with the aim of disseminating the quality of our seabed and eliminating any kind of aggression against them and their species.

We are passionate about art. In our hotel we have a temporary exhibition space that acts as a window to the world for local and international artists.

These and many other measures drive us to develop as a sustainable hotel. Our capacity for improvement is enormous and we are eager to continue promoting our love for the Canary Islands with sustainable and environmentally friendly goals.

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