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The best boat excursions in Costa Adeje


See the first heritage of whales in Europe with the best boat excursions in Costa Adeje.

A vacation in any of the Canary Islands is a tropical dream made come true. Between the huge variety of beaches and the excellent weather that is usually sunny, spending a few days of relaxation and enjoyment can be as easy as visiting these Islands. Also, there is an infinity of activities you can do here, specially the aquatic ones. Surfing, kayaking or even just a nice trip on a boat are just a few of the options you can have in this area near the Atlantic Ocean Islands and that can make your trip even more unforgettable. The most attractive activity you can do is going on a boat and seeing whales and dolphins up close. Let’s try a boat excursions in Costa Adeje.

The World Cetacean Alliance (WCA) declared 22 km of Tenerife coast as whale heritage, being the first one to exist in Europe and the third one in the whole world. In these waters you can even find a family of around 200 short-finned pilot whales, a common species of the Canary Islands. Whales, dolphins and a huge variety of special fish can also been seen here and would give you an incredible time. This is why here we recommend you the best boat excursion in Costa de Adeje, the place where every boat has to sail from to be able to see these amazing creatures.

excursions in Costa Adeje

A luxury moment that you can not miss

To live a truly special experience, there is nothing better that to be on board of the Papillon of Tenerife, the Baobab Suites’ Catamaran. More than just seeing the breathtaking marine life, Baobab suites offer you a trip filled with luxury in an incredible Catamaran that you can even enjoy with a group of friends. Seeing the sunset, eating delicious food and drinking some champagnes are just the basics of this experience.

With three available options, you can personalize your own experience. You can choose between spending three hours on the Catamaran and ending the trip with the beautiful sight of the sun setting. With some snacks and champagne available too. If you want an extra hour and making sure that you see the whales and dolphins, the second option that Baobab Suites offers you is the ideal one.

If you are interested in not just seeing but also doing aquatic activities, Baobab Suites has the perfect excursion for you. With up to six hours on board, you would not only see whales, dolphins and different types of sea creatures; but you can also enjoy some different activities like Paddle Surf, Donut and Subswin. If you take any of these options, we guarantee you that you would live an experience that can not be found anywhere else.

Picking the Papillon of Tenerife is not only the most complete excursion, but also would save you the time of looking for a boat, making sure that is not a scam and not having to worry about anything because you can do the booking in the same fantastic hotel you can stay in. Make some amazing memories and choose one of the most luxurious hotels of Tenerife.

excursions in Costa Adeje

A sustainable sightseeing

Taking care of animals and marine life is a very important point to keep in mind when doing these types of activities. That is why Whale Watch Tenerife offers an excursion in an eco-friendly boat. Besides, they have marine biologists that would help you understand and know more about these beautiful creatures. They also have a hydrophone that would help to listen to the unbelievable noises that these mammals make. To wrap up your trip and to make sure that you don’t forget any part of it, they count with an on boat photographer that would document your whole trip.

More than just sightseeing

If you are a more active person and mixing the sightseeing of the beautiful creatures with a great exercise sounds like an astounding idea to you; Kayak Tour Adventure has your back. This tour offers you two hours on a kayak that you get to use to be more close to these animals and to snorkel in this water with total care and constant control of every situation. This is a great idea for those who want to have a different type of experience.


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