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The best luxury things to do in Tenerife


Enjoy the best luxury things to do in Tenerife visiting charming places full of personalized attention and special treatments. Today, you can find the most luxurious things in Baobab Suites.

Our island is versatile, changing, modern, attractive and filled with possibilities. You can enjoy the luxury thing to do in Tenerife as a way of enjoying your trip with more ease and letting yourself be guided by professionals in the matter. Luxury is a very ambiguous term, every person has their own standards and way to meet their needs; but something that we all have in common is that we all want something unique and special, things that Baobab Suites can give you in a blink of an eye. Luxury things to do in Tenerife has come to stay.

Our rooms

If your idea of a perfect vacation is based on having a space of first class, you have reached the ideal place. In Baobab Suites we have a huge variety of rooms available according to the basics that you need for your trip. We can propose to you the Infinity Euphoria Penthouse Suite for your stay. This is a spectacular attic with four rooms, a 360 degrees terrace with a view of the coast of Adeje and the mountains, a private pool and private jacuzzi. The authentic definition of luxury and style.

luxury things to Tenerife

If you are traveling with a small group, or you want the perfect romantic escape; we have the Divinity Mar as the perfect match for your stay. A totally equipped suite, with one bedroom, a private jacuzzi and pool. The perfect space for igniting the passion and intimacy you want. There are a lot of options we can give you to complete your trip, in our web you can find over 20 types of suites we have available. We work on your needs.

Complement your stay with mayor luxury

The best way to keep enjoying your stay and the peace and tranquility we offer you, is by taking care of your body, mind and soul. For that we bet on first class treatments of care, regeneration and wellness. The project MAJŶ is the base stone of our idea of wellness, health and beauty on the hands of Nirama – Centro de Tratamientos and Terapias Ayurvédicas and Ana Lozano Pilates.

In these therapies and treatments, they use products of certificated natural and ecological brands, that use exclusively vegetables as bases, free of artificial substances and animal products. The products that are used in MAJŶ are of top class, renown and awarded by III Orgànics Clean Awards.

The pleasure of the palate

One of the luxury things to do in Tenerife can also be eating out, and in that matter we are experts. We would need a whole post to tell you about all the special offers that our hotel has in the gastronomical world. But in this post we would give you a sneak peek of them

From the experience of Fun Gastro with breakfast options on the suite, to the sophistication of Sucás Restaurante, till the healthy and fun options of Fuel Restobar. An infinity of available options, and each of them with the highest quality. And for dessert, you can go to our BB Lounge Club to enjoy a wonderful cocktail. There is no doubt that eating can be an authentic luxury

luxury things to do Tenerife

Finish your vacation at the highest

An experience with friends or family is the best way to end your vacations. For that, we have available the catamaran Baobab Suites, a water ride that goes around five to six hours for twelve passengers. In which you will have a guide on a boat and enjoy bottles of champagne and food while you watch the most amazing cetaceans or do a bit of surfing or paddle.

And if you rather fly before navigating, a helicopter ride is the one for you. Since this June, you can have a trip around the coast of the island and lunch in an authentic canary farm. Another demonstration of the luxury things you can do in Tenerife and in Baobab Suites.

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