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The best time to visit Tenerife; always


Our island is a paradisiacal place with a multitude of options all year round. Let’s find out the best time to visit Tenerife.

We are not going to deceive you, there is no best time to travel to Tenerife. Every day of the year is wonderful in this Canary Island paradise. Although we can find nuances in the way everyone understands a holiday. Many travellers focus on the weather, others on the sporting activities they can do depending on the weather, some take into account the month in which they travel to the island, others can only adapt to the holiday period they have been assigned. There are many factors that influence the choice of a trip.

The Canary Islands are recognised throughout Europe as one of the most popular destinations in winter, which clearly demonstrates their quality of life.

Best time visit Tenerife

Weather in Tenerife

We are going to make a small monthly review of the usual figures for the island of Tenerife in terms of rainfall, temperatures, winds, etc. It is important that if you decide to visit the island you are well aware of these factors. The advantage you have on our island is that the variation of all these elements is very small during the 12 months of the year. The climate of the islands is classified as subtropical oceanic, which means mild summers and warm winters. In addition, the sun is present during all seasons. Another factor to take into account is the orography of the island, as the different slopes greatly affect the cloudiness or temperature, the trade winds are the main protagonists of this phenomenon.

This table will show us three of the basic values we need when packing our suitcase.

Average temperature (ºC) Average number of hours of sunshine per month Average monthly precipitation (CC)
January 18.2 178 32
February 18.3 186 35
March 19 221 38
April 19.7 237 12
May 21 282 4
June 22.9 306 1
July 25 337 0
August 25.5 319 2
September 24.9 253 7
October 23.4 222 19
November 21.3 178 34
December 19.4 168 43

Best time to visit Tenerife

Trade winds

The trade winds are great allies in regulating the temperature. We are going to explain briefly how they work so that you can understand why in the south of the island and in Baobab Suites we always have a summer temperature. Tenerife’s climate is due to the combination of the influence of the cold ocean currents, the warmth of its proximity to the Tropic of Cancer, the trade winds and the island’s own orography.

These winds mean that the northern side of the island is more humid, but that the clouds, due to the rugged terrain, do not manage to cross the mountain ranges and remain stagnant without reaching the south. This beautiful phenomenon is known as the sea of clouds.

An island of contrasts

We spoke in the previous paragraph about the north-south contrast. One side is much wetter, greener and cooler and the other much warmer and drier. Tenerife is an island of great contrasts, which gives it a special beauty and aura. During the winter we can enjoy snow in the Teide National Park and reach the beach in less than an hour to enjoy a temperature of 23 degrees Celsius. Few places in the world can say that with any certainty.

This means that leisure and adventure activities are available all year round. The sea temperature does not usually drop below 19 degrees Celsius in winter and exceeds 24 degrees Celsius in summer. This allows for water activities such as scuba diving, surfing and snorkelling. Hiking is another way of life for our tourists. All year round you can hike around the islands, in winter with mild temperatures and in summer with warm hiking trails that end at secret beaches.

And we know the best contrast perfectly, that of an ordinary hotel and what we can offer you at Baobab Suites during your holidays throughout the year.

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