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9 unmissable things to do in Tenerife for kids


The summer holidays are the best time of year when it comes to enjoying quality time with your family, especially with your children who, after finally finishing school are more lively than ever, batteries fully charged in preparation for a fun-filled summer. Travelling with kids is a wonderful experience, but there are times when, however hard you try, it seems that nothing keeps them entertained for more than 15 minutes. If you’ve decided to travel to Tenerife with your children and you’re reading this blog, that won’t be the case for you! Here are 9 activities where fun and laughter are guaranteed to enjoy with your kids in Tenerife:


One activity that’s perfect for the whole family to enjoy together is an excursion in a kayak! There are several companies that organise daily kayaking tours that suitable for everyone. Older children will have a great time paddling for the first time, while the little ones sit safely in the middle of the kayak, between two adults. With specially made kayaks available that accommodate two adults and two children, the entire family can enjoy the spectacular views of the cliffs at Los Gigantes from the ocean.

Water Park

Nothing will excite the children more than the idea of spending a day at a water park. It may well be the highlight of your holiday, and a day out they’ll remember for years to come. The only difficult aspect comes in choosing between the two options you have in the south of the island: there’s Siam Park, one of the best water parks in the world with attractions for the more daring and Aqualand, a firm favourite with smaller children. Whichever you choose, you’ll have a fabulous time. Better still, visit both!


For little speed demons and car fanatics in the making, what better way to spend an afternoon than driving a kart? While they go hell for leather on the junior circuit, you can try the senior circuit, if you dare… There are special karts available for children aged from 6 to 9 years and you’ll also find two-seater karts for adults to drive accompanied by a child aged up to 5 years. To make it even easier, there’s even a free bus that can pick you up at the hotel if you prefer. 

Forestal Park

Tenerife boasts one of the most entertaining parks you can imagine: surrounded by woodlands, trees and nature, kids can run around freely and even go down rope slides. Forestal Park is an incredible experience! Children meeting the minimum height requirement of 1.10m will have a great time on the family circuit, especially designed for the over-5s. There are three different circuits that increase in difficulty, where you and your kids can enjoy going over walkways, hanging bridges, climbing walls and much more. For the over-10s a fabulous adventure awaits: six different circuits that include rope slides, a large rope net and climbing activities. 

Inflatable water attractions

If going to the beach is already one of your children’s favourite things to do, imagine their faces when you arrive at Las Vistas beach or Puerto Colon and they see an adventure park made of inflatable slides, trampolines and a large iceberg, floating in the ocean! Adults and kids can spend the day having fun swimming between the trampoline, sliding down into the ocean and jumping off the icebergs. Life jackets are available for extra peace of mind for parents.

Nature trails/ hiking

If you prefer the idea of some family time spent enjoying nature, what better way than to pack a picnic, put on your trainers and discover some of Tenerife’s most beautiful spots. If you like the idea of visiting the north of the island, head to Anaga Rural Park, where you’ll find some magical nature trails that are suitable for the whole family. Want to delve into the spectacular natural surroundings but without having to walk for hours? The Sendero de los Sentidos (“Path of the Senses”) is perfect – children can discover the hidden secrets in the laurisilva (laurel) forest. The island is home to so many trails and walks to discover, all with their own unique charm. It really is an unbeatable way to get to know the real Tenerife


Tenerife has some amazing animal parks. In the north of the island in Puerto de la Cruz, there’s the well-known Loro Parque, one of the best zoos in the world, where children will love discovering gorillas, orcas, penguins and red pandas. In the south, much nearer to the hotel, we have Jungle Park, a charming, smaller zoo with one of the best birds of prey shows on the planet. Children of all ages will be awestruck as they get an up-close insight into the animal world.


After a long morning spent at the pool or on the beach, the last thing you may fancy in the afternoon is more time out in the sunshine. So how about a fun plan that involves no sun cream at all – a game of bowling! Right next to Fañabé beach you’ll find Mega Bowl, an American-style bowling alley where your kids can spend hours happily trying to knock over as many pins as possible. Bowling buddies are available to help smaller children, so be careful, you may find you get a good thrashing by your youngest offspring!

Scuba Diving

Children aged 8 and over have the opportunity to discover a magical underwater world through an aquatic activity as fun and exciting as diving. Different companies offer a range of diving lessons and courses, in which not only will they learn more about the environment, they can even try some underwater photography! It’s a perfect experience to do with other children and their parents, after all, grown-ups like a bit of excitement and adventure too, don’t they?

With so many activities for kids in Tenerife, you’ll wish you’d come for longer. Visit our Experience Centre for more help and guidance, where our friendly team can take care of arranging any activity you’d like to try to make your holiday with us truly unforgettable.

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