Check-In Online





1. Except Less

Holidays often end up causing fights because so much pressure is paced on them – and you

It all has to be perfect, planned to the minute with a compulsory list of things to do and see to make sure that you end up going home feeling anything but rested – and needing another holiday. Take the pressure off yourselves, people. Holidays are just normal days in a different destination. Of course they’re special, but if you expect everything to be perfect you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

2. Switch Off mentally & physically

Physical relaxation is no good unless you give your mind a rest, too.

Yet it seems few people are able to escape the curse of the smart phone. Switch off from the continuous beeping that lets you know of a new message, WhatsApp, Facebook status, etc. All this does is raise your stress levels and prevent you from relaxing and enjoying time with your family. It’s unlikely your company will collapse without you, and finding out there’s trouble back at work and causing a row with your partner in the process seems like a lose-lose situation, really…

3. More Melon

Melon – and gorgeous juicy, red watermelon in particular – is around 90% water, which hydrates the body and provides much needed refreshment during hot weather. It’s also packed with Vitamin C, and its antioxidant properties help prevent signs of ageing. So don’t hold back on your portion sizes. this is one case where the more you eat, the better!

4. A Word of warning

A study published in British newspaper The Daily Telegraph has revealed that over 75 per cent of couples argue at least twice during their holiday. Why? Well, the number one reason is men checking out other women around the pool and on the beach. The sunglasses aren’t fooling anyone; she knows what you’re doing. Another reason is because one of them won’t stop doing what? The answer is: checking work emails (That’s not what you were thinking, right?). Don`t say we didn`t.

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