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The best tips to travel with kids


If you’re travelling with children soon, you might want to know some tips that will make your travels and holidays easier. International travel with children is possible! You just have to follow a few small ideas so that they enjoy themselves as much as you do.

Travel with your kids to Tenerife

If you are looking for destinations to travel with kids, Tenerife is your place. It is an island with pleasant temperatures all year round, where your children can enjoy the beach, outdoor activities or the incredible advantages of a luxury hotel in Tenerife South as Baobab Suites. In addition, if you decide to travel in September 2019, you should know that we give our guests free accommodation for children (up to 12 years) and a 35% discount booking through our website.

On the other hand, our 2, 3 and 4 bedroom Suites are the perfect space to travel with your kids. In this way, each member of the family can get their own space for a perfect tailor-made holiday. If we also add to this relaxing equation the possibility of enjoying a private swimming pool or jacuzzi without leaving your Suite or a small white sand area where you can play, fun is guaranteed!

Travelling with children

Another of the indisputable advantages of our hotel if you are travelling with children is Saplings Kids’ Club. A place where the little ones will have a great time thanks to our excellent children’s animation team. As long as your kids are with us, you can disconnect without worrying, and they can also meet Kiboko! our adorable hippo and Baobab Suites mascot. At lunchtime, we invite you to join us for a taste of BB. Restaurant’s international and creative menu, where in addition to its succulent dishes and amazing views, we have also thought about your kids and, therefore, we have a children’s menu for them.

Travelling with children

 When you are travelling with children, these tips will be very useful if you have already decided to spend your holidays at Baobab Suites:

Travel while they sleep: Taking advantage of the sleeping hours of your kids to start your journeys can be an indisputable advantage. Travelling to Tenerife while your children sleep will make the journey shorter for you.

Chewing gum or using a baby pacifier: As you know, the height of the plane can make you feel some pressure in your ears. When you travel with kids, it is sometimes advisable to use a pacifier, gum or candy during take-off and landing, as this is the easiest way to decompress the ears.

Carry provisions in the suitcase: The best way to fight hunger between hours that children may experience is bringing some food. Remember that children’s food is allowed in your hand luggage.

– Plan your vacation, but not too much. Travelling with children is to travel at a different pace, so you need to take their needs into account and be flexible.

We hope that these tips about our hotel and travelling with children have been useful to you. If you decide to stay at Baobab Suites, don’t forget to visit our offers section, the children will stay free! If you book before 15 August 2019 to stay in September, you can get up to 35% discount by booking through our website. For those who prefer to visit us during autumn, you can also check out our 20% discount for 2- and 3-bedroom Suites (bookings until 31 August 2019). Finally, if you want to organize some activities to get to know Tenerife in depth, you can contact our Experience Centre, they will take care of making your holidays a reality.

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